Tuesday, December 2, 2014

"Navidad.mormon.org" (December 1, 2014)

the church has a special program called, he is the gift. or el es la dadiva. it really is just a cute little video that makes us remember the true meaning of CHRISTmas. ,) well its a huge deal here as missionrys. its a missionary oppurtunity as weel for every single member. so all you have to do as members or as believers in christ is go on the site, and share it for facebook, twitter, insta, pinterest, redit, everywhere you can think of. #sharethegift. i love it. 
so this week we started this inicitice thing, basically instead of going from door to door to talk about the restoration we will be solamente testificando de cristo y su nacimiento y la expiacion! estamos emocionadas! welp! 
this week

then super freezing for no reason
investigators dropping us
crzy weather
geting sick again because my comp likes to sleep with the window open when its freezing (but its ok bcuz i do too but it was a little too cold)
these are a few of my favorite things.....
haha so yeha. my keyboard doesnt work realy well so gforive the typing errors more than usual.
we contacted alot this week.
but hey! we got to have counsil meeting por fin! we got a mission plan for the ward and talked about many good things. we finally re gaining the trust of the ward. bishop said that the hnas will have a harder time because the past few havent worked really. (which is relfected in the state of the area book and the uncleanliness of the apart) kind of disppointing but now we are here improving thing all at the same time because there is no time to just do one thing at a time, nope. mutitasking, thts why we are women. haha
so yeh. we are all super excited about this new program,. it is from the first presidency so we know it is so inspired. we will enter in more houses and spread this message and christmas spirit much more this way. but everyone has a part to play in this. WE NEED YOU TO SHARE THIS WEBSITE ON EVERY SOCIAL NETWORK YOU HAVE. share share share. what is a better christmjas gift then tht of helping omeone acercarse a cristo. i know he came to save ys, not to judge us. he loved each and everyone of us so lets show him our love by sharuing this love.- :) i love you all! and dont forget the bugs`pray!
on fridady it decided to storm. we were teaching n hombre outside of his house when all of a sudden the winds kicked up. the strongest ive felt in my life. rocks were flying and other things i dont know, well we told the guy we needed to go and find shelter. so we started running towards the church. i was thinking of esmeralda from hunchback yelling "sanctuary" haha but yeah, on oyur wy we ran into an inv, we went into her house to teach her and hopefully pass the wind strm, well as we finished teaching her, the rain and lighting storm began. so as its pouring, we are running, with lightning and thunder. we couldnt see really well and after a little bit realized we ran way pst the church, so we had to get back...haha wellwe were SOAKED! it awsas insane! hasha we waited for a ittle bit and then went home and changed into wterproof things. haha
this week i just want all of you to visit this site and SHRE IT. discover, accept, share. descubrir,recibir,compartir. i know god so loved us so he sent his son. this christmas season let us show our apprecian of this gift by the way we live and our love for fellow men. love you all!!!!!!!!!!

hermana sanders

dad- we get fed 3 times a week but soon more becuause th members are beginning to like us more, haha the bishop invited us over for an asado. we get along great my comp. she is still a very new missionary but hay que tener paciencia. haha but really shes so awesome if anything im a hard comp for her cuz im a lot more strict than her trainer. she didnt know alot of rules so its  little weir but im not mean about it so yeah haha
mom-didnt see monica but probaby soon. probably tonight we will go to the lombardos to give the email of gma but we will this week for sure! i love them so muh. that is probs another reason the ward likes us...haha we see the zone liders almost everday which is really fun. and about the weding stuff, it totes doesnt make me sad, quite the contrary!!! im so excited. this weding dress seacrh will take years knowing emily. send pic! keep them coming hahaha. i love you guiys so much! alo! i recieved all the letters and cddss and love from you guys! thanks so much! lñove the pic! totes miss reagan haha but so cute! keep it coming. also the janice kapp perry cds are good and all but super cxheesy missionary hahahaaaaaaaaa so yeah but im super excited abouit the fmily xmas cd. all the girls love it too!"! :) anywys! i love you all tons! :) muah!!!