Wednesday, October 29, 2014

"can i have yo numbaahhh" (October 27, 2014)

its heating up here in good old esperanza thats for sure. but it was a wonderful week. a little stressful but as is the misison and life right?
well hmm time just mashes together here. 
we have a new inv calles mariana. she is so awesome. we found her contacting and the firsat thing she told us..."youve come here to talk to me havent you" we said yes, she said well im about to shower but come back this day and we will talk. so we come back and teach her the restauracion. she was so attentive and repeated in her own words what we had shared. in the end she prayed perfectly and sincerely. weve had a few more lesons with her but she cant have a real date because she is living together with a man. they have 2 kids together and one is 19 and the other is 17. they cant get married because he is still married to another woman. ahhhhhh but she is so we just get to pray about her boyfriend.
shnell!!! hes progressed so much this week. he defended the book of mormon to his son who is a pastor! we taught him so much this week and when we taught chastity we asked him to repeat what it is in his own words and he said "es buenisimo" hahaha 

happy bday fry!
he also bought a cake for hermana fry, it was her 20th birthday this sunday. he is so great and he is growing so much. it is crazy how much people grow when they accept a baptismal date and our really commited to it!
lucila. ACCEPTED A DATE FINALLY! after she said she new the bom was true and all, the next time we went back and she was like, so when am i getting baptized. the thing now is we need to work on the signature from her mom. but im praying super hard for this. please pray for it as well. lucila really has a desire to get baptized and is so awesome. her brother also has been reading the bom and although we cant really meet with him cuz hes a boy and we dont have too many members that come with us, he is reading and studying the pamphlets.
other than that we dont have too many other inv. 
we were riding when two boys on their motos rode by and asked for our numbers we didnt respond but then we pulled up right next to them on a red light. right before i turned to hma fry and said, get ready to teach! we pulled up and i started talking to them, they gave me their number and i just said, we are missionaries, he said "well were argentines" i said well were missionaries for the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. we share and testify of our message that the fullness of the gospel has been restored. they said "well can you still come out with us sometime" i said, no we do this full time because we want to serve god. then the light turned reen and i said, well have a great night and remember that god loves youi :) in situations like this, instead of saying nothing and ignoring the boys who try to say weird things like that, i just learned its better to talk about god and the church. then theyll either stop bothering you or you find a new! haha

another bday pic
ive been stuck on this charity and love subject for so long. charity is love in action. to really practice charity we must act and be true followers of christ. being a christain or following christ means doing what he did. he acted. He was an example. i love 1 timothy 4:12. be an example and do everything you do 100% for the gloria of god. 
thats it for this week just had a few bible bashes and hma fry fell of her bike a few more times haha the bugs are getting vicous and we need to by off and sunhats. i love the mission. i love everything about it. they key to really  being happy on the mission is work and obedience. as we do this we will be blessed so much. it is the same in life really. if we do the things the lord wants us to do and are obedient we will have success and happineess which come by having the spirit with us. i love you all so much!!!
hermana sanders

may or may not have cut bangs...just for fun haha
dad.stay up with work but dont forget to read you scriptures everyday and pray personally. helps a ton. church was fine yesturday, the new branch pres is still very new and we have to pick up a ton of the slack to keep the rama going. its good but a little stressful
mom.  tell ally i say hi and miss heraring from her. hma fry cut my hair, she cut the front layers too short so we decided to do bangs but then we cut those too short too so i just always wear the front up...cant wait till they grow out but hey at least im on the misisona and still have time for it to grow before the end haha i love you!!

weird baby bird owl thing hahaha
hambugers at a zone conference
the crazy hma spies (wife of the president)
happy bday fry!

Monday, October 20, 2014

"AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" (October 20, 2014)

to mimic the subject line of my beloved sister emilys email to me this week. ahhh! holy heck! shes gettin hitched. so wow. congrats to her and my future bro in the lawww. so excited for them both! so yeah! woohoo!!
beautiful argentine sunset!

on the end of the missionary work here in hope (esperanza) this week was the fastest week of my life. we had 63 hours outside of our area sooo yeah. we still worked super hard of course but just didnt have too much time. anyways! ill give a little catch up of the inv we have. 
shnell. still progressing, has more desires to get baptized the 8 of november so thats good. 
lucila!! she got her answer again haha but this time she said she knows without a doubt that the bom is true and that this church of jesus christ has been restored. she is anxious to get baptized but know that its true. she said "i was scared before but now i cannot deny that the book of mormon is true" so that was wonderful.
other than that weve dropped everyone. we found many news(new investigators) this week and they have a lot of potential. we are working a full! so yeah other then that we were traveling in colectivo (bus) or sitting in meetings. it was a good week and we learned alot of new things and received much direction from our leaders. every week i am more and more thankful for being on the mission and the organization de la mision. really im sorry but theres not much else to share this week :( 
the rain pic that i refered
to in the email!
funny! so on saturday it was pouring rain the whole day! ive never been sooo wet in my life. we were outside in the rain for 5 hours because no one would answer their door or let us in. we ended up calling the members and asking if we could teach them so we werent outside the whole time. anyways it was also pretty cold so i took a picture of how we looked while we were in the rain. enjoy :) 
spiritual! so lets get real here. sometimes our weaknesses overwhelm us. sometimes we feel like we arent good enough or that we are alone in what we are doing. when we are faced with trials we have two decisions. we can either get down on ourself and feel bad. or we can get down on our knees and pray for the strength to move on and get better. we dont have to feel bad. life isnt meant to be awful and miserable and just a cycle of depressing refinement. when i see the word refinement i think of the atonement. we are given our weaknesses and our trials to strengthen us. we have been given these things so we can depend and grow by drawing strength from the gift god has given us in our savior. we have talents that god has given us and we need to use them.i read in alma 26 today about the sons of mosiah. in vs 17-20 ammon recounts his past. and the mercy god had on him and his brothers. the were the vilest of sinners, yet in gods infinite mercy, has saved them. now they have moved on from this part of their lives and had dedicated themselves to the service of god. in vs 22 (our mission theme right now) it tells us what we need to do in order to have sucess in this life, or on the mission. we have to pray, repent, and do service (act) and we will be able to know the mysteries of god. we need to repent and we can help others repent, even thousands! i love you all so some and i hope we can learn to repent quickly and effectivly to prepare ouselves. to live better lives and to love god with all our heart might mind and strength!
un gran beso!
hermana sanders
feliz cumple! shes happy i swear. 
her daughter cami.
...aND milkiando with our district
street sign on the way to district

bathroom pic with the missionaries from esperanza!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

"Scripture reading brings blessings" (October 13, 2014)

so! i really don't have much this week. we have to stop seeing a bunch of people because they arent reading or not doing this so yeah. this week many things fell through and we spent a lot of time contacting. its fun having a new companion. she and i get along really great. shes weird and quirky and likes merlin just like me! so this will be a fun transfer. we taught many lessons still, i dont know how but one thing we are doing is we are going around and teaching the members actives the missionary lessons.
end of transfer with Hna. Carlson - name tags

we think this will be a nice way to help them strengthen their testimonies! we will see though. so yes jose is the one who started smoking again. patricia the convert was the niece of our presidents wife. i didnt talk about her too much cuz i didnt want to jynx her progress haha but ugh guess what. so she couldnt receive the espiritu sant because it was general conference last week so we were going to do it this week but her baby got sick and she went to santa fe and so we havent seen her since last tuesday and she doesnt have the holy ghost. :( her baby is okay they are just doing some tests on her but its just so frustrating how the adversary can get in the way of things. but we just do our best. also lucila is super sick and couldnt come to church either.... uhmmmm so we have this inv shnell who came to church this week and he really is our only inv who is progressing. hes so funny and just one of those old quirky men. he lives alone and his house is like a old car dump cuz he has 5 car bodies laying around with rusty old boats and all sorts of machines. his two fingers on his right hand are cut from the tip like dads one finger but his is right below the nails...hes so weird but super nice and religious. please pray for him that he will continue to progress...
ugh the guy in the ciber started to smoke. that is one regla that i wish they had here but whatever. 
so this week we also ran into anti americans and that wasnt fun. they were saying things like, well its not your fault where you were born, and the the states do nothing for anyone...idk there was a lot of hate and it took all i had to not get patriotic on them and just start debating. i just stuck to talking about the gospel of jesus christ. dang ive changed soo much hahaha
so the first week being senior comp. its really not that different but there is a tiny bit more responsibility there is there. pero bueno. today we are going to the mission home for trametes. i will try to be able to visit monica maybe but that is a big maybe. we have her number so ill just call if i can! 

hermana fry!!!
so my new comp!! her name is hermana fry. she is 19 almost 20 from oregon! she has 3 months in the mission field but speaks spanish really well. she took classes in school so she has awesome grammar! she is una capa! yay im super excited for this next transfer with her! and interestingly enough we didnt have too many problems with the language. ive decided to focus on what i do know of spanish than what i dont know. and its been pretty wonderful seeing how god has had such a hand in this experience. and in helping me learn this language.
so funny! hma fry has had some fun times on the bike getting used to riding in a skirt and all. and today after buying groceries we were riding with all of it on the handle bars or whatever and we had to brake hard at a stop and she couldnt brake in time because one of the brakes broke so she just ran into me haha and then some groceries fell out of the bag but all is well! oh and yes i bore my testimony in chruch and on my way back to my chari i slipped and almost fell haha so we are just two little clutzy hermanas haha
it is very important that we study the scriptures daily. we must set time aside to read these words of the prophets and of christ and if we do this we have some pretty awesome promises. 1. we will be more able to hear the whisperings of the spirit. 2. our faith will grow. 3. we will be able to resist temptation 4. we will have a closer relationship with heavenly father and jesus christ. in helaman 3: 29-30 we can read about these promises and that if we do these things, we will sit at the right hand of god. so again as a missionary i invite all of you to read the scriptures everyday and set aside time in your day to dedicate to the study of god's word. i know tht god loves each and everyone of us so perfectly. his love for us is the basis of everything that he has given us and will give us. i hope we can all love god more and show him our love through our actions, mainly through obedience to his commandments and loving others.
hope you all have an awesome week! and read your scriptures!!! :)
hermana sanders

us on top of the world

super cute la familiy
bike riding
hma fry and wilde riding together
a less active dressed as a zombie...oh shes 11 years old.
does not look like it thought right? haha
lives of the mission! dropping off notes... 
...and eating alfajors for dinner!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

"Conference Weekend!!!" (October 7, 2014)

this week. bueno so this is what happened., at the beginning of the week we went on divisiones. i went with hma cambel who is just finishing training. so we go about our day and see many miracles and it was so fun! until my bike decided to bend right after i got a new tire. :( the wires on the side got twisted because it fell down a few times...dont ask. but we got it all nice and fixed. 
but during the division we went to have a lesson with him(Jose) and we saw him outside smoking. he came up with a dumb story as to why he was all sad but we were very sad. i was kind of passionate to and told him to pray and repent as soon as he can and start over. well we went back the next day. he said he stopped but this time he came up with a different story as to why he was he lied to us and i was just very disappointed and didnt say much. yet we went back...i smelt very strong smoke but he said he hadnt...but i was doubtful and pushed the question and he never admitted but he didnt deny it. so we had a drop lesson with him about puting god first and puttting your life in that was a let down but whatever.
pix from the baptism! 
also we had a baptism this week! for patricia. she came right at 305 when the bap would be at 300. i was peeing my skirt i was so nervous!!! but things went smoothly and yeah! she also has plans to get married within the next few months so hopefully it works out :) 
so also we havent gotten to lucila too much or our other inv but its been such a crazy week but we have news and news with a baptismal date we just need to have a smoothe transfer and keep it up and soon i think we will find people to be ready for baptism and the blessings of the gospel weekly. this is my vision at least as a missionary. the key is to be worthy and prepared to teach always and god will trust us with his children to find and teach them. so. conference weekend!
what a conference right?? there were many wonderful talks and many great messages. mom, it is true we are preparing for the coming but not yet ;) so on saturday i stayed here (in Esperanza) to watch it in spanish. but on sunday, me and hma wilde (we went on splits again) went to watch it in santa fe because the elders there went into a room to watch it in english. so on sunday we watched conf in a small room with 18 elders on a little computer screen but it was such a spiritual experience. conference is always the words we need to heart and study for the next six months and definitly i think we all got the message (they were pretty clear) that we need to strenghten our testimonies about our prophet. but also we need to strengthen our families. 
our baptismal font...a green little pool hahaha
everyone re-watch richard g scotts talk. he lists 4 things we need to make a priority in our life. daily scripture study, daily prayer, family home evening and the temple. we must do things things with frequencia. if we dont do this we need to get our lives in order. we can worry about the things and the world and about the timing of things ¡to come but firstly we need to get ourselves in order and strengthen our family. guard the family and strengthen yourselves in the gospel together. thats what i got from conference. re-watch it. and also re-watch jorg kjbnsrihc ,idk his last name, but man what a talk. so strong, powerful and straight up talk.
well i dont have much time to do a funny part but im sure i will have planty to tell next week as i will be senior companion to a newby like me. haha wish me luck and i pray that we all can reorganize our lives to put god first! love yall
hermana sanders

us with the homegirl patri
our neighbors who are wayyyy catholic... 
and like our g parents here
ice cream
con patri
emilse and her granddaughter diarra
blue candy making us blue da ba de da ba dy
the district. next week, elder ortiz who is from
mendoza will make us an asado! haha
hma spies. what a character haha