Wednesday, October 14, 2015

"this weeks in one word...viaje (travel)" (October 13, 2015)

so each week my district leader always says how was your week in one i said viaje haha becasueeeee that seems like all we did last week. 
also im out of time and this will be way short. sorry :(

The District

we went to do more tranmites on wednesday, then we had divisions in pergamino on friday. so we were out of our area traveling from wednesday to friday night! good news i was able to visit benjamin and ezekiel wallice :) 
on monday night we taught tithing to silvana. she loved it and she came to church again on sunday!
marinana was super busy this week and we have an appt with her on tuesday. flia oviedo are off the grid haha
my spiritual thought for the week is alma 42:30-31. this scripture has changed my life. we all of sins that pin us down from progressing but we should let our weaknesses humble us, not destroy us sop that we can move on and reach our full potencial! 

well im really sorry but thats all i have time for! i lvoe you all so much! next week is transfers and im sure ill be leaving, so ill write on tuesday. take care
hna sanders
The Other Hermanas...

The District

Target practice

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