Monday, February 29, 2016

"hot jam" (February 29, 2016)

so my companion is basically the funniest person ive met! shes always coming up with great one liners and anytime we see something funny we play caption that and she comes up with hilarious "memes" hahaha-for example- one time we saw a shirt that said "cool girls dont die" after a slight pause my compy said "um...motivation..?" hahaha so that explaions the caption. we were eating pb and rice cakes and she just said hot jam out of nowhere. haha
some pretty buildings here. in downtown!
so first week in parque urquiza down! our area is CENTRO. they have recently divided the area and we get the half that is all shopping basically so its basically really hard to find new people to teach. but we do have 1 investigator who is great!
melani has 17 years. she lives with her mom and her gma is visiting from peru! her gma has been a member for years and is super faithful but her mom has been inactive for 23 years so melani has never been to church. the sisters found her about 2 weeks ago but it has been hard to find her. well this past week we were able to teach her 3 times! she now has a baptismal date for the 26 of march. right before her gma goes back to peru. they are wonderful and she and her mom have already been to church 3 times! now they are reading and praying as a family everyday! we will pass by tonight and have a family home evening with them tonight! melani said her first prayer in public in church during young womens!!
celebrating my (gluten free) bday
my first lesson with them was pretty great. we spoke about faith and receiving answers. melani said she thought she didnt have enough faith to receive her we briefly taught how faith was simply knowing that god existed and that he loves us...we asked melani if she believed that and she said yes, well then you have faith! we invited her gma and mom to share their testimonies on faith her gma shared a beautiful testitmony on faith, and then her mom, even though she had been inactive for 23 years she bore a powerful testimony on faith and how she knows she needs to act with the faith she has to follow the commandments to get back to the prescence of God. i got chills in that moment. in the end of the lesson we kneeled and we taught melani how to pray. it has actually been a while since ive been able to hear an investigator pray for the first time. its one of the best moments of being a missionary. the spirit was so strong and we all were just so happy. im thankful i was able to share that moment with these daughters of God. :)

nightly planning sesh..with chocolate milk,
crochet and our planning glasses :) 
other than that its hard to find news so we have a very small teaching pool haha but we are being creative to find ways to find people. were going to "pull out all the stops" and just do everything we can to find news and have #noregretz haha our area is one of the prettiest in the mission becuase it is straight up downtown. we have the monument of the flag so i think next pday we are going to head over there. and just enjoy the shopping on pdays of course haha

well for my spiritual thought..we had to give a lesson in district meeting about finding faith to find news. during my studies while i was preparing i looked up stories of the missionaries of the book of mormon. i read about alma and amulek, nephi and lehi, abinadi, samuel the lamanite and enoc.(pearl of great price) and how each of them showed great faith, diligence, obedience, valience, and creativity. for example, after they kicked abidani out he dressed up as someone else and returned two years to preach until he was discovered again. haha well what really impressioned me was the story of enoc. he was "but a young lad" (at 65 years haha) anyways, when he was called of god to preach the gospel he expressed his fears and concerns, the Lord comforted him and blessed him with the spirit and spiritual strength. during his ministry, the people rejected him but with time they began to fear him for the power of the word of god which was in him. when he spoke they would tremble by the power of God. in time a few began to believe on his words and were converted by the spirit. they established zion and were lifted up to be with God. so i think it was pretty wonderful that He had the spirit so strong that the spirit that he carried with him was able to testify with such power and conviction that these people converted into life long faithful members. :) i just thought that was a cool story. 
bucket shower! its actually very water
efficient and not too bad! 
well love you all! have a wonderful week and make an extra effort to read the scriptures this week and have MEANINGFUL scripture study everyday.
hna sanders

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