Tuesday, April 12, 2016

"18 months (insert unsure smile)" (April 4, 2016)

yesturday i hit my 18 month mark in the mission! i was joking around with my companion and said well, now that i have 18 months the rules dont apply to me anymore :) but i was just kidding. im so thankful for these next two weeks i have to finish up giving all i have and can. "hasta el ultimo" is my motto for this week. it means until the last!

first things off, this week started out kind of rough, got a little more frustrating, and then ended with the wonderful general conference weekend. it was a life saver.

getting ice cream with sabrina and bauti
well sabrina smokes, and on tuesday she told us that she wasnt going to be able to quit in time to be baptized the 9th and its going to take a little longer...that was a really sad day. she is despereate and has no money. she cant even afford cigarettes but her neighbor who is her best friend now and also a less active....😑....always gifts her 3 to 4 a day. but she says that she isnt ready to give them up. we were very honest with her. talked about health benefits, that it not only kills her but her son as well, that she wouldnt be able to feel the spirit, and last of all we took a cigarette, and held it up horizontally, we beared testimony that the distance between her and God was this cigarrete. she felt really bad but we assured her that it would all be okay, we are here to help her come closer to christ and that this was the next big step, she prayed and asked for forgiveness and the strength to overcome this addiction. we are now going into full mode to help her quit. im just so thankful she is so sincere and understands how important it is to be worthy to make covenants. 

then i got sick for a few days. 

we taught melani some new member lessons and shes so great! she is spreading the gospel like a crazy person!! she has one friend in particular who is really interested! we taught him with her and she bore a powerful testimony and started to cry! she was just beaming with the spirit!

okay well this week we were also able to visit ñata and gino! theyre doing great, grandma! we had to repeat like 4 times that i was her cousin's granddaughter. they are very funny and nice. at the end of the visit they said you have to come and visit us...if we're still alive hahahaha but theyre really nice people!

ñata and gino
well of course as a missionary i have to share my thought about gen conf. right? very basically this is what i got out of. some commandments we need to do better at is 
1.go to the temple
2. strengthen our families
and some truths that were emphazed were 
1. our true identity is daughters and sons of God.
2. God loves us even though we are so imperfect
3. we can be rebuilt and restored as long as we reach out for him. 

describes our week in a picture haha
(not going to plan but were happy anyways)
the scriptures in alma 1:27 kept coming to mind that we need to give to the poor and the needy, nurture them physically and spiritually and also moroni 10:32-33
so basically we cant delay in helping others or following the spirit. spend less times in counsels, meetings, and get out and GO TO WORK. we cant pray for the people who arent at church that they may come next week, if we dont do anything to help them get there!! also, the lord didnt say we only serve and give one or two times and done. he doesnt put on limits. there are limits as to when we have served enough. WE CAN NEVER SERVE ENOUGH. we can never do too much we can never be good enough!! so dont make excuses saying we cant help someone. we can. we can make a few sacrifices to help those in need. of course our first responsibilty is taking care of our family, but why not serve as a family and kill two birds with one stone?? hahaha idk. i just feel like we cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven unless we become a serviceful people.
so my invitation is for you all to make a reachable goal this week to go out of your comfort zone and help someone. it could be anything from sending a friendly message, or taking someone out to lunch, to donating to the new church donation fund to the refugees at

anything you can do, it. and it will be counted on earth as it is in heaven! love you all!! i hope you all have a great week! get up and do something more than dream of your mansions above, doing good is a pleasure, a joy beyond measure. :)))) 

hna sanders

at the monument

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