Tuesday, October 7, 2014

"Conference Weekend!!!" (October 7, 2014)

this week. bueno so this is what happened., at the beginning of the week we went on divisiones. i went with hma cambel who is just finishing training. so we go about our day and see many miracles and it was so fun! until my bike decided to bend right after i got a new tire. :( the wires on the side got twisted because it fell down a few times...dont ask. but we got it all nice and fixed. 
but during the division we went to have a lesson with him(Jose) and we saw him outside smoking. he came up with a dumb story as to why he was all sad but we were very sad. i was kind of passionate to and told him to pray and repent as soon as he can and start over. well we went back the next day. he said he stopped but this time he came up with a different story as to why he was sad...so he lied to us and i was just very disappointed and didnt say much. yet we went back...i smelt very strong smoke but he said he hadnt...but i was doubtful and pushed the question and he never admitted but he didnt deny it. so we had a drop lesson with him about puting god first and puttting your life in order...so that was a let down but whatever.
pix from the baptism! 
also we had a baptism this week! for patricia. she came right at 305 when the bap would be at 300. i was peeing my skirt i was so nervous!!! but things went smoothly and yeah! she also has plans to get married within the next few months so hopefully it works out :) 
so also we havent gotten to lucila too much or our other inv but its been such a crazy week but we have news and news with a baptismal date we just need to have a smoothe transfer and keep it up and soon i think we will find people to be ready for baptism and the blessings of the gospel weekly. this is my vision at least as a missionary. the key is to be worthy and prepared to teach always and god will trust us with his children to find and teach them. so. conference weekend!
what a conference right?? there were many wonderful talks and many great messages. mom, it is true we are preparing for the coming but not yet ;) so on saturday i stayed here (in Esperanza) to watch it in spanish. but on sunday, me and hma wilde (we went on splits again) went to watch it in santa fe because the elders there went into a room to watch it in english. so on sunday we watched conf in a small room with 18 elders on a little computer screen but it was such a spiritual experience. conference is always the words we need to heart and study for the next six months and definitly i think we all got the message (they were pretty clear) that we need to strenghten our testimonies about our prophet. but also we need to strengthen our families. 
our baptismal font...a green little pool hahaha
everyone re-watch richard g scotts talk. he lists 4 things we need to make a priority in our life. daily scripture study, daily prayer, family home evening and the temple. we must do things things with frequencia. if we dont do this we need to get our lives in order. we can worry about the things and the world and about the timing of things ¡to come but firstly we need to get ourselves in order and strengthen our family. guard the family and strengthen yourselves in the gospel together. thats what i got from conference. re-watch it. and also re-watch jorg kjbnsrihc ,idk his last name, but man what a talk. so strong, powerful and straight up talk.
well i dont have much time to do a funny part but im sure i will have planty to tell next week as i will be senior companion to a newby like me. haha wish me luck and i pray that we all can reorganize our lives to put god first! love yall
hermana sanders

us with the homegirl patri
our neighbors who are wayyyy catholic... 
and like our g parents here
ice cream
con patri
emilse and her granddaughter diarra
blue candy making us blue da ba de da ba dy
the district. next week, elder ortiz who is from
mendoza will make us an asado! haha
hma spies. what a character haha

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