Monday, October 20, 2014

"AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" (October 20, 2014)

to mimic the subject line of my beloved sister emilys email to me this week. ahhh! holy heck! shes gettin hitched. so wow. congrats to her and my future bro in the lawww. so excited for them both! so yeah! woohoo!!
beautiful argentine sunset!

on the end of the missionary work here in hope (esperanza) this week was the fastest week of my life. we had 63 hours outside of our area sooo yeah. we still worked super hard of course but just didnt have too much time. anyways! ill give a little catch up of the inv we have. 
shnell. still progressing, has more desires to get baptized the 8 of november so thats good. 
lucila!! she got her answer again haha but this time she said she knows without a doubt that the bom is true and that this church of jesus christ has been restored. she is anxious to get baptized but know that its true. she said "i was scared before but now i cannot deny that the book of mormon is true" so that was wonderful.
other than that weve dropped everyone. we found many news(new investigators) this week and they have a lot of potential. we are working a full! so yeah other then that we were traveling in colectivo (bus) or sitting in meetings. it was a good week and we learned alot of new things and received much direction from our leaders. every week i am more and more thankful for being on the mission and the organization de la mision. really im sorry but theres not much else to share this week :( 
the rain pic that i refered
to in the email!
funny! so on saturday it was pouring rain the whole day! ive never been sooo wet in my life. we were outside in the rain for 5 hours because no one would answer their door or let us in. we ended up calling the members and asking if we could teach them so we werent outside the whole time. anyways it was also pretty cold so i took a picture of how we looked while we were in the rain. enjoy :) 
spiritual! so lets get real here. sometimes our weaknesses overwhelm us. sometimes we feel like we arent good enough or that we are alone in what we are doing. when we are faced with trials we have two decisions. we can either get down on ourself and feel bad. or we can get down on our knees and pray for the strength to move on and get better. we dont have to feel bad. life isnt meant to be awful and miserable and just a cycle of depressing refinement. when i see the word refinement i think of the atonement. we are given our weaknesses and our trials to strengthen us. we have been given these things so we can depend and grow by drawing strength from the gift god has given us in our savior. we have talents that god has given us and we need to use them.i read in alma 26 today about the sons of mosiah. in vs 17-20 ammon recounts his past. and the mercy god had on him and his brothers. the were the vilest of sinners, yet in gods infinite mercy, has saved them. now they have moved on from this part of their lives and had dedicated themselves to the service of god. in vs 22 (our mission theme right now) it tells us what we need to do in order to have sucess in this life, or on the mission. we have to pray, repent, and do service (act) and we will be able to know the mysteries of god. we need to repent and we can help others repent, even thousands! i love you all so some and i hope we can learn to repent quickly and effectivly to prepare ouselves. to live better lives and to love god with all our heart might mind and strength!
un gran beso!
hermana sanders
feliz cumple! shes happy i swear. 
her daughter cami.
...aND milkiando with our district
street sign on the way to district

bathroom pic with the missionaries from esperanza!

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