Thursday, December 10, 2015

"explaining casseroles to latinas" and "mi boliviana" (December 7, 2015)

eating our first meal together
made by yours truly
so my new companion is hna lopez from bolivia! she just had a week in the mtc so she is brand new brand new but already such a wonderful missionary! she is a convert of 4 years. she joined when she turned 16. she truly is so cool and nice!
well i didnt have much time to work in my area this week becuase i was in san nicolas for so long then i picked up the newbie and we arrived wednesday at 10 pm! haha so its been crazy but here are a few new people weve recently found!
getting my new companion!
the first one is named carmen! we first met her knocking doors. she answered and she doesnt have an arm! she told us she was in an accident 7 years ago and lost her arm, well we testified of the restoration and the resurreccion and how thanks to jesucristo we will have perofect bodies in the resurrection. she felt the spirit and now is reading and praying. we just met her but she is really great!
a cool thing that happened this week is that we were on our way back from rosario, waiting in the bus terminal with everyone and we were just sitting...i noticed a lady sitting near by and we made eye contact she signaled to me to come over..then she started trying to communicate with me but she was i started signing to her and we had a whole conversation in sign language!! i told her how we were missionaries and why we serve missions, i shared a little bit about the restoration and gave her a pamphlet! who knew that after 2 years of slacking off in sign language class that it would come in handy in argentina!! the lord was defintly helping me becuase i barely remember more than half the signs i used. she lives outside of the mission but i gave her number to the office elders to pass along to her! but wow wasnt that cool?
summer has started so it
means huge spiders.
it was a tesimony to me that the lord has wisdom in all things. he used the tiny knowledge i had of ASL and used it to help this lady learn about the gospel!
also a fun story! yesturday we were waiting for the bus to go to church. we were sitting on the curb when a moto with 3 chicos drove by..they turned around and stopped to talk to us (in my mind i was praying they would just turn away because sunday mornings are when all the drunk people are returning home from the clubs.) well they stopped and started talking to us. in these situations ive learned its just better to share the gospel and not ignore them...when theres no control in the situation of course. well i told them we were missionaries (my poor newbie was just sitting there feeling super awkward poor thing) well these chicos proceeded to say all kinds of things and i handed one of them a pamphlet of the gospel of jesus christ...this boy then apologized to us and said sorry for the disrespect, put the pamphlet in a safe place and then apologized for his freinds. he said he would read and thank you! hahaha so thats nice too! who knows maybe in the future he'll take the missionary lessons!
bolivian food!
(our lives revolve around food)
that just shows the importance of talking to everyone about the gospel. in super awkward situations like that it could either be a disaster or something that changes a life. who knows whatll happen but at least now he has a pamphlet and said sorry for being disrespetful.
this week ive been studing a ton about prayer. theres a talk by richard g. scott called the supernal gift of prayer. you should all read it but it talks about how we should pray and how to receive answers! basically we should prepare ourselves for the communication we are about to have with god. and then express our thoughts and feelings. we should pray to know the will of god and do it. there is a quote i read one time that said when you pray, dont be afraid to change. so lets do that this week. ask god how we can improve our lives, and do it!
love you all so much!
also the title is because i tried explaining what a casserole was to my new compy and it took like 8 times to explain it hahaha. i tried explaining tater tot casserole, the breakfast casserole mom makes and etc, haha
so far training is super fun! especailly when your comp is a boss like hna lopez!! haha well till next week! i love you all and i hope you have a great week!!
hna sanders

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