Wednesday, December 16, 2015

"hello baby" (December 14, 2015)

with the hnas of san nicolas
the bus driver now greets us with "hello baby" 😬
so wow another week down! and what a crazy week it was!
on monday we went to san nicolas centro to help out the sisters. one of them is super sick and hasnt been able to work so we went and had divisions. we got back on tuesday night. wednesday i got sick....and then we worked thursdayfriday, and on saturday we had a baptism!!! :) then sundayi got sick again haha
but yeah thats basically what happened. silvia and miguel have slowed down their progression. miguel says hes gotten his answer but silvia still hasnt. its been a while now and she even admits maybe shes gotten the answer but hasnt seen it...well we explained a little bit more on prayer and answers..(i cant even count how many times weve gone over that with her :( ) but this time my comp hna lopez (shes a boss) shares her experience in how she got her prayer answered! she said silvia would have to start living the gospel in order to get her answer. sometimes we forget what an important part this is in getting prayers answered. sometimes we just expect the answer to come and we dont change anything while we wait...but hna lopez shared that we need to repent and start living with more obedience to recieve our answers (see 1 nefi 15:11) so we felt the spirit really strong and so did silvia. so we will see where that goes!
 monica! shes the one whos house was a disaster than she read the book of mormon and felt super good and put her house in order? well we were walking in the park and ran into her and her kids. we sat down on a bench to chat and her kids were saying "we want to be mormon, can we be baptized?" and so did monica haha we told them well if you want to be baptized you have to come to church! well they slept in this week...but theres always next week. the good thing is they have the desire! so that was exciting! monica and i get along pretty well, she kind of has a rough around the edges personality (tessea, you can atest to that) haha but shes slowly opening up and softening her heart. she knows alot and is excited for her baptismal date she just has to come to church! haha
 other than that we didnt have the chance to see anyone else :(
the baptism

oh so the baptism! a 8 year old boy named boris was baptised and confirmed this weekend! his family is less active but theyve been coming weekly for 4 weeks now! they are paying their tithing and everything! so weve been visiting them and this week boris was baptized! sorry i didnt write about him earlier haha!

so funny thought! a few weeks ago hna nelson and i helped an old man weed his front sidewalk. he has mental incapabilities...well this week hna lopez and i ran into him 2 (twice)! the second time we saw him we chatted for a bit and he told me they he had fallen in love with me....soo we wont be stopping and chatting with him again 😶hahaha
well this week was crazy. a few things have happened and i needed to make a few big decisions. it was taking a long time to get a straight answer to my prayers and i was getting kind of frustrated and distressed...well this week i did alot of studying on prayer. there are three types of answers we could get, 1. the calm affirmative positive feelings or thoughts 2. a stupor of thought, confusion negative. or 3. nothing.. if you feel nothing it means that God trusts that you can make the decision. 
after church with hna lopez, and a girl named pia...
the little boy behind is named teo...
well i was feeling #3 for like 3 days and i was still wanting a concrete aswer. so i started praying harder but also making the decision. after i made it i felt #2. which means i needed to change my course. whats comforting is that God will always guide us when we trust in him. if we are looking for his counsel and are sincere in following the answer, he will never lead us astray. so i want everyone to ask themselves one question. "when was the last time i recieved an answer to my prayers?" think about it and i promise you will feel happy remembering when God spoke to you. if you cant remember the last time, i suggest you ask Him a simple yes or no answer and stay on your knees till you get the answer. He always answers prayers. it is just up to us how we recieve the answer. :)
well i love you all so much!😚 and i cant wait for CHRISTMAS. its gonna be great. love you all!
hna sanders 
me in front of the capilla

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