Monday, May 12, 2014

"What say you?"-Aragorn (May 12, 2014)

So guess what! I was writing a really awesome email to you and my computer I'm on decided to turn off so it discarded the draft so thats fun. ughhhhhh so I'll just start over.
My eye... it's so much better and it's about 90 percent back to normal. I wear my glasses to hide the little bit of swelling that is left but really it's totally fine.

So mon and tuesday was spent traveling, but here are a few fun things that happened. We watched "Rise of the Guardians" in spanish for p day with the zone, and then the next day in Parahna, I saw Hermana Shotwell! So much fun! When we were traveling we were never alone, the elders took good care of our safety and were awesome! They even carried all of our stuff which we had a lot because we have to pack clothes and books and stuff for the meetings and such. We returned Tuesday night exhausted.
Wednesday we were so ready to work because now my eye was all better. We got out and tracted and found some pretty awesome people. We decided that we were going to drop the majority of our investigators because they just weren't progressing, so we did. On Thursday for weekly planning we decided who we were keeping and who we'd just drop, for now. We also decided that were are going to put alot of focus on re-activated the members and working with the 4 adult members we do have to do member missionary work. Thurs. night we were meeting with a member to talk about member missionary work and she surprised us with dinner!! So we were fed! It was a tender mercy because we really didn't have much food and needed to go shopping soon, so it was such a blessing! The members here are so strong and because there are so few of them they need to be even stronger. But every Sunday their diligence in attending is amazing and their testimonies are so strong it really is something to look up to.
Fri. we have to travel to Rafaela for entre vistas with the president. It went really well and I love them so much. We also got to spend some time with our zone so it was fun, but then we had to leave. We missed the bus because it was too full and they ran out of tickets and had to wait an extra hour and a half to make it on the next one. But we made it back and taught a few lessons. Then Sat. it rained rained rained rained you don't know rain until you experience an argentine storm. There was thunder and lighting, but thankfully no wind! haha we taught Jorgelina y Toto and that night we committed them to baptism!!!!!!!! 31 de mayo, so if you would all please pray for them and also especially for Jorgelina and her smoking to stop! haha (on Wednesday night Hermana Moberly and I committed her to stop smoking and took away all
her cigarettes) so yeah! Also I forgot to say, they have the craziest dreams. They had a dream before they met the missionaries of gold plates and they saw two missionaries and an angel that said "listen to them"! And then after they met us, Toto had a dream of his mom standing next to a big building with Hermana Moberly and me standing next to her, she said to him, "listen to them". And Jorgelina had a dream of a temple! The Salt Lake City one without even seeing it, and she woke up holding the BOM(Book of Mormon) and that's how they knew it was true. Miracles are truly everywhere. Aren't jyt awesome! It's amazing how prepared they are and willing to learn! What a blessing!
Sunday! We had 17 people there at church and 2 included jyt (jorg y toto) they loved it and are so excited for their baptism. Their inactive RM (Return Missionary) son came with his whole family too! It was a partyyy. Sooo then later WE GOT TO SKYPE! I am so thankful that we were able to do that. I love you guys so much!!!! anywayssss
Sorry for no real funny stories. Nothing really happened this week but Moberly and I are hilarious and have constant funny moments hahaaa ;)

Spiritual thought/LOTR(Lord of the Rings) reference.
Third movie, when Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli go into the mountain to find the cursed army of (i cant remember the name ;(( ) Aragorn is asking them to enlist in the fight for middle earth with them...he repeats "what say you!!!" over and over again to these souls, asking, pleading with them to join with them. That is like member missionary work. We are in the fight of our lives right now and we need eachother. Without eachother the fight is bitterly more difficult and pretty much hopeless. The adversary is very much real and we need to be actively engaged in the fight for souls against him. In 2 nefi 7 v. 7-8 it says "for the Lord God will help me therefore shall I not be confounded. Therefore have set my face like a flint, and I know that I shall not be ashamed. And the Lord is near, and he justifieth me. Who will contend with me? Let us stand together. Who is mine adversary? Let him come near me, and I will smite him with the strength of my mouth." And the first line of v.8 "For the Lord God will help me." Soooo what say you? Can the members and the missionaries stand together and fight the enemy? Really there are two sides. You cannot be indifferent and still be considered on the Lord's side. You either actively are engaged in the work or you are not. And that is that fact. What say you? Will you stand with the missionaries and stand with God? or not. It's up to you. What say you??
So that is my thought. I love you all and think and pray for all of you daily! Shout out to Monica and her friend for saving me with the care package.
Hermana sanders III signing out!!
I love you all so much keep up the wonderful work and be amazing like you all are. keep writing me. I'm supposed to go to Rosario in the next few days but we will see. I hope I get the letters you've sent!!
waiting for interviews 

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