Monday, May 5, 2014

"When in doubt, always follow your nose."-Gandalf the Grey (May 5, 2014)

Holy heck...what a week. Soooo here's a speedy update on everythang. Tuesday, the elders in our district came to contact and it went well in the morning, but then I got sick. I got a fever and the sympTOMS OF the stomach flu but I didn't throw up. But I got permission to just sleep the rest of the day. Hma. Moberly also had a slight fever. Then the next day, Wednesday, it rained, and when it rains in Argentina, it pours. Because there aren't good drainage systems, it floods. We got back from contacting that morning, still sick, soaking wet, and really annoyed but we had brownies that we made the night before to make us happy so we ate them haha. We did our studies and went out in the evening again. We visited this couple, Jorjelina and Toto Romero. They have been investigating for quite some time and when I came Jorjelina said "there's something special about your new companion". I couldn't really understand. But that's what Moberly said after. Soooo it was a really great lesson about going to church and praying. She had never prayed about the church so we really stressed that! There was just such an amazing spirit about that lesson and even though we were still sick we were on cloud nine. It was like the feeling that I had known her before ya know?? I really want the best for her...anyways we return and sleep. Next day. Thursday. We go out and visit a few people and then visit Jorjelina y Toto again. We do service for them and we fold their clothes..including their chonies ...and jock straps..................haha but it was ok. THEY FED US ASADO (argentine bbq,) it was my first here and also the first time getting fed by a family here! and they surprised us with it! It was so great and wonderful and delicious... teehee. In our lesson with them we spoke about the Tree of Life..she had prayed about the church and she told us she knew that it was true and also the Book of Mormon was true!! So did Toto know it was true! What a miracle. So it was just wonderful>! We get home, stuffed from the asado and super happy. We do weekly planning and I accidently fall asleep during it haha (food coma) and we go out again. This one lady said she thought I was latino :) made my week. But then we return home in the night and my left eye had begun to swell was weird so I took a benedryl that night. I wake up Friday morning. I can't open my eye. It is swollen shut and is about the size of a golf ball. Without knowing what to do, Hna. Moberly and I call the senior couple who serves with us and they come over. I cry because I am so ugly and I can't see. (hence the subject line) We walk over to their place. I have my glasses on but I close my right eye and pretend I'm blind holding onto Hna. Moberly bcuz I didn't want people to see me..haha! We make it and Hna. Hohermuth starts to POP MY EYE! It hurt SO FREAKING BAD I CANT EVEN EXPLAIN and I cried again and had to lay down and rest before we could return home. Hna. Hohermuth sent the pix to mission mom and she told us just to put heat and Ibuprophen. So for the rest of Friday and Saturday that's what I did. Laid in bed, hopeless, wallowing in self despair because I was a useless Hna. who couldn't see because of a dang arachnid. But Sunday rolls along and my eye had begun to peep open just the slightest bit. 

We have church and everyone is saying poor presita! lol but we get home after, and put more heat on it and it just starts oozing green, alot. and it hurts but it's okay. Anyways it's been oozing off and on since then and I just carry tissues everywhere as it drains. I have another spider bite on my arm that's big too that I'll send pix. But man it is so gross and it hurts so bad but it's okay. I'm alive and well and can finally see out of my eye but there's still a ways to go in the draining hahaaaa lol yaya me. So that was my week.

Funny story! If my eye wasn't funny enough, on Thursday night we were walking home and passed by a group of drunk guys. One of them says "mamamia, quires dar me la palabra?" (babe, want to give me the word?) haha and we didn't reply but that was a funny one. Mostly the drunks just say stuff like your beautiful and stuff like that haha but yeah. Also, there are alot of stray dogs and we name the ones that follow us, one is "creeps" because it always jumps on us and its tongue always sticks out. Another one is "Charlie", just because it's super cute. And then there's "Ranger", "Robin Hood", and finally "Juan Pablo", (because we saw him mating once and he was a tool dog like Juan Pablo from "The Bachelor") Haha.

Anyways that's all I got for this week. These next three days we will be traveling, right now I'm in Rafaela for a zone meeting, then we go to Parahna for something, then Rosario for another thing...tell Monica I will be in the mission home Wednesday and I will try to see her! So have her be home! Haha. On Friday we go again to Rafaela for something else but it's just great, traveling with my bum eye randomly oozing, my mas o menos castellano and yeahhh so that's my life. Much love from yours truly! Also I read alot about the Tree of Life this week in First Nefi and I urge you to read it. All the chapters like 1 Nefi 13-15 i think idk (I don't know) for sure because I don't have my scriptures with me. But it's good to remember to persevere to the end. Once you taste of the gospel you cannot forget it and always stay strong. Ignore others who make fun or try to persuade you to leave. Keep the eternal perspective.
anywhoooo pix on the way!! I hope my eye isn't too awful and gives you!
con mucho amor,
Hermana sanders III
I love you all so much and I had some weak moments this week and thought alot about you mom but I want you to know I am taken care of and I love you! I love ya too dad and you were also on my mind alot.

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