Monday, May 19, 2014

who let the dogs out/soccer, guns, and bombs (May 19, 2014)

CRAZY WEEK but not really. Tuesday we traveled to san cristobal, 2 hours, for a district meeting, and we watched a short called the butterfly circus. you all should totally check it out. i teared hahaha its about how we cannot let ourselves believe the things that people tell us. we have our divine potential and we need to believe in ourselves the way God believes in us. if we do this we can acheive anything!
on the way to rosario
then on wednesday-thursday we travled to Rosario. 4 hours to and anopther 4 back. so we really couldnt do work in our area. we went down there for visa stuff and we are going to have to go back again because...i really dont know. so thats great.
jorgelina and toto are amazing and we meet with them everyday in preparation of their baptism. Jorgelina is so wonderful and still hasnt smoked. everytime she feels the desire she pulls out the Bok of Mormon. shes read alot but literally they are so wonderful! please keep them in your prayersª we had a noche de hogar which is family home evening with their son and his family. we did the joseph smith story and we had them act it out. when it came time for the "pillar of light" i stood up and held a flashlight on their 10 yr old son who was playing joseph smith. haha it was really fun and it was amazing seeing how this family was coming together during this night that we had with them. philipe is on his way to getting the preisthood back and we really want them to go to the temple and really have this family be active again. they are becoming closer and more happy and it just testifies to me the importance of having an active religious role in the family. it truly brings happiness.
on saturday hermana moberly and i went to the one section in our area called Barrio Nueve. it is 1 and a half hours walking away. and then we have to tract there...and then walk all the way back. i brought my camera with me so theres a bunch of pix. on the way there we almost got attacked by 5 different dogs. and we witnessed like 3 dog fights so thats why the first part of the subject is who nlet the dogs out...but when we got there we only contacted 6 people because everyone was gone, or sleeping, so that was a bummer but we got back, ate a quick lunch then studied and then went out and contacted agin closer to home. that night we tracted into a house of a man. he opened the door window and just stared at us. we introdued ourselves and he interrupted us and started saying that he is very sick and if he doesnt go to the hospital 2 a day the police will take him. he believes that numbers have a special signifigance in his life. the number 25 and 89 are like reocurring things idk. it was weird so moberly just gave him a pass along card and invited him to church. soooo HE CAME. it was weird...he was telling moberly that he sacrifices animals and loves satan and all these bad things......sooo yeah there are very weird people here. but we think he is very disturbed and hopefully the gospel will help him lol
also! so yesturday sunday was the fist soccer game of the season...woohoo.. we were out teaching a lesson and the game ended while we were there. so you know how everyone says that the argentines are crazy for soccor, well that is an understaement. the game ended and we first here a bunch of cars honking and its all cool, but then...we start hearing gunshots every so often, so moberly and i are like, we gotta get home. on our way home we start hearing little bombs go off right! well and then were just about 3 blocks from our house. we see a gathering of people on our street all singing the songs, shooting their guns, and honking their horns. they start parading down the street and moberly and i have to sneakily run into our house hahaha so that is the first game of the season all i can say is thank goodness im not in a big city because thn it mightve been a little dangerous ! hahaha
also i got sick with a head cold. im taking the cell salts and im feeling alot better. i got another bug bite on my forehead but i really think the bugs are adjusting to me. i use monicas bag of wonder haha so yeah. 

oh! we saw 2 scorpians in our apt this week and i got a pretty good pic! they are babies but they also are the poisoness kind so we got to be carefull haha and another contacting story, just to give your a taste of the people here. we knock, this lady opens her window. we introduse ourselves. she says, did you read my door! it reads "this house is catholic" and then we say yeah...she just says, ok, chow! so welcome to argentina hha but really there are a lot of really great people here! ya just got to find them haha

so i guess one cool thing i read today was alma 32 :27=28. i just ask you all to read this and just assess how strong your faith is. also cool story. ive read mosiah in 3 daysª holaahhhhh 

okay so people here say that a bomb went off in california. whats that about? well i love you all! mom and dad! i love and appreciate you so much! i hope alabama is a blast and tell jane and artie i say hi! also how many views does my blog have? 
keep up all the good work and just know im safe and protected. i love you and the spanish is getting better and better everyday! i pray for you nightly and i hope you can keep up the prayers for jyt. they need all they can get. muaahhhh
hermana sanders III

our pench

bug bite 
the dandelion was at barrio 9 like a talked about earlier
argentine fields..its reminded me of the kiera knightly
pride and prejudice when darcy proposes in the sunrise
in a graveyard of the catholics...they dont bury their dead..
they put them above ground in things that look like house
plaques and flags
i had to do my hair like this becuase of my bug bite

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