Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"Attitude is everything (my motto for lyfe)" (August 19, 2014)

** Jessica said that yesterday was a holiday and the cyber cafes were closed. The cyber cafe she used today didn't allow her to attach sad!**

crazy crazy week....not really but this is the week! so monday we had another special pday! we played a thing called padle which is like tennis but smaller and more fun! i was paired up with the zone leader and we dominated and won undefeated!!!!! haha and afterwards we got ice cream and had the zone meeting. it was a fun day!

tuesday-nothing worth mentioning
wedensday- nothing again just contacting
thursday- the mission president came to esperanza to have interviews with us! and let me just say he is the craziest most inspired man i have ever known! we had 4 interviews 1 each and then he talked to all of us. he basically gave us the recipe of being a successful missionary. his vision for the mission is to have 1 baptism every week every companionship. and with faith, diligence, patience and work! we can do it! after a wonderful little workshop, he bore his testimony. he is so sincere and heartfelt in everything! he blew our minds with all of this, and then he just left! the spirit of the room was so strong and there is no doubt in anyones mind, he is inspired holy crap! haha
friday- after having this awesome pump up to work! both hermana carlson and i got awfully sick. body aches, chills, heat flashes, sore throat and lack of an appetite. we got meds and stayed in the whole day just sleeping and studying.
saturday- still awfully sick and not able to work again. had a lesson in the morning and then returned home exhausted. did nothing hma carlson cried and yeahhhhhh
sunday-we get to church, hma carlson is better but im getting worse, almost didnt make it through church but we did because we asked for priesthood blessings. so after church we got blessings. hma carlson for comfort and me for my health. well i was blessed to be healthy and i felt the power of the priesthood in my body. i felt stronger. we went home took a nap and worked in the night. and now its as if i never was sick. it is so real the priesthood and such heavenly power. im so grateful that god has restored this power on the earth and that we have it to the blessing of us and our families!!! such a gift!
parents. in my blessing for health he said strength in my bones and muscles so that i could perform the duties that are required of me to complete the mission. cool yeah! also for peace and happiness.
so i can testify of the power of the priesthood! stories of signifigance! on tuesday we had a lesson with our 13 yr old investigator lucila. her mom is the lady that callled a remis(type of taxi) for me when i first got here ya know? well we had a lesson with her that was awesome! we were just talking. she really has a desire to be baptized in the right church.  lucila wants to find the right church and when she does she will be baptized. she told us she knows we are representatives of jesus christ and that we have been placed in her path to present his words to her. she knows it is true and she just needs the permission of her parents! so lets pray that a miracle happens!
so jose!!!! the guy who is older, is very scary looking but super sweet? well he has a baptismal date and we had such a miracle with him! after the last lesson with him we felt really hopeful that things would happen with him. well we went to him last night with a couple and their son to teach him the word of wisdom. when we first got there, he had put on nicer clothes, combed his hair and put on cologne! we started talking to him and he was saying since he has been reading the book of mormon he has had more energy, smoked less and now has desires to live his life! also that he had told his family about the church and they were interested! the family came and he connected so well with the dad. we presented the word of wisdom. the guy who was with us had to quit smoking to be baptized and he shared his experience. after we made a plan with him to quit smoking and he belñieves it is possible. he is coming to the activities now to know the members and will come to stake conference in santa fe this weekend! such a miracle!
so funny!!!! this week we were proposed too! by an atheist whom after we bore testimonies to and he said he would pray to find out if god exists haha and ugh, we were in a lesson with a member and a reference. her drunk cousin pulled up a chair next to me and stared at me and saying im such a muñeca (doll) over and over, that he didnt know girls could look like me and then he asked me to pinch him if this was real life....i didnt hah and as we were leaving he tried to kiss me! but i was like "solo el mano solo el mano!!" and so he kissed my hand. he called after us calling us angels and asking if he could wash our feet. hahaha so thats that.
spiritual! as if you dont get enough of this at church im gonna talk about member missionary work. while i was sick i was studying and i kept on coming back to the fact that, we are members and it is our duty to do missionary work. we are told time and time again that every member is a missionary. well this is so true. full time missionarys dedicate 100 percent of their time to the work but members should dedicate all the time they can to do the work. "the missionaries are there to help the members with their missionary work, not vise versa" i love in d and c 123 v. 7-12, it says it is our duty to preach even though we will be rejected! it still is our duty. and v 13-14. we should spend as much time in our lives as we can to serving with the missionaries. i challenge everyone who reads this to call the missionaries in your ward and arrange a time with them where you can go out with them. even if it is just tracting. ask if there are inv to visit yourself, or less actives that need friendshipping. in the end these are our brothers and sisters and nothing..i mean nothing is more important than this., not sewing or going on a run. if you have 1 hr or 5 spend it helping build up gods kingdom on earth. and you will receive so many blessings you can even believe it! i know because i have. i am happier, and i have a purpose that is clear. i learn everyday and am constantly humbled and strengthened. i know all of us can and should do this. i love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!!!!!
hermana sanders
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox muah! hugs and yeahhh chao!

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