Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"Esperanza has now claimed me for her own...the dogs at least!" (August 26, 2014)

got back from the meeting and hma 
carlsons bike broke so we hopped on mine, 
i sat on the bar in the front and we 
rode to our citas! hahaha
so hmm this week. what a week! i feel like i say that every week but holy camoly this transfer flewww by. we start new onestomorrow. still here with hma carlson so ya! :)
imma start by talking bout da investigatores!! 
we found a new one this week her name is gabriel and is soo awesome! she loves her family and wants unity in her family so we will be applying every principle back to families and jesus christ, because really families are eternal and can have unity and a strong foundation with the gospel. so yeaH SHE is awesome!
lucila! she is still progressing and has very strong desires to be baptized. this week we only saw her 2x and taught dia de reposo and just like a pass by, she is stressed with school and friends but we told her she needs to be an example. shes 13 and her friends are beginning to make bad desicions but we told her that she can resist the temptation when she stays close to god. so yeah this week we will try to teach her whole family.! :)
jose! he is just a man of miracles. so he is still going so strong woth the whole smoking thing and will probably cut all the cigarettes out on this saturday! we moved his date to the 20 of september because sometimes the guy he cares for tries to kill himself so he needs to make sure hes okay before he comes to church but yeah! he is so awesome and shared the gospel with the guy. jose also talked about it with his family and everyone has told him it must be something good because he has changed so much. it is such a miracle and is so wonderful to see how powerful the love of god is and how it changes lives. this gospel truly can change lives! 
i will wait to tell you about the other inv because they arent progressing too much and we barely see people more than 1 a week besides these ones but we are finding alot of people and weve been very specific in our prayers to find a family of 5 who is married. and the lord is totally guiding us. we just got to keep being diligent and worthy to know where to go and such so yeah! its pretty great!
this is the trash system here haha
a weird experience...
earlier this week we were visiting a less active. she was getting really a bad way and as she was telling us how she is now catholic, she collapsed and had a drop siezure, we were outside so we knocked on the door, her daughter came and we carried her inside her house (if you could call it a house) we gave her perfume and everything, i checked her pulse and it was so rapid but she was breathing, we put a cold cloth and about 5 minutes later she woke was really scary and we didnt know much of what to do, we thought she just was so scary! but shes okay. but i gotta say, ive seen some poor house but this was probably the most poor house i had been in. there were holes in the brick walls, and the doors were pieces of tin held in place by shovels. the floor was uneven dirt and the roof was old wood. they had 3 chairs for the 5 people that lived there, im just describing a little, parents, it was really heartbreaking to see. the daughter who was helping her mom wake up was also making lunch and preparing her kids for school, it was so crazy to see and really was a moment i dont think i will forget. usually im comfortable in poor houses but it was so hard to see this one. we are so lucky and blessed to have what we have in the states. i took so much for granted before but never again. really we are blessed beyond measure. 
so funny!!!!
this isnt funny for me but it was fun for hma carlson and im sure you will enjoy it too. we were tracting one day when i felt something warm on my leg, it was a really hot day so at first i didnt think much about it, and then it kept going so i looked down. and well needless to say i am now marked territory of a scrwny dirty dog. yep. i was peed on. but dont worry about me, i still respect myself and have my dignity and will never let that happen again. 
so this week for sunday we had a stake conference in santa fe! two elders from the 70 spoke and also pres zanni and his wife. it was great! i want to share what elder zanni spoke on. he gave an analogy that is so awesome! it is called la Guia Para Salvacion. (GPS.) so use your imagination. we are in a car driving towards our salvacion. in order to get there safely we have many things to help us. our car is the church. we have the lines in the road to make sure we dont cross over the line into the oncoming traffic. the commandments. we have our seatbelt, the security the gospel gives us. we have the steering wheel, our agency, and we choose where we are going to go. and lastly we have our gps. the holy ghost. it is one of the clearest tools we have to help us arrive at salvation in safety. i love moroni 10:5, and by the spirit you shall know the truth of all things. the spirit will tell us what we need to do, or go in order to receive eternal life. this is the goal and we should always live worthy of this gift that is given to us! 
tambien here is a few scriptures i found while doing a study on valience (my new favorite word) ezra 10:4; 2 timothy 1:7-9; dyc 3:7, 30:11, 136:7.
never be afriad of man (or woman) we have the lord with us and he will support us when we live for his cause! i hope everyone has a wonderful week! un gran braso para todos!!!
hermana sanders

last weeks special pday, playing padle 
a grapefruit!
missed our bus back from district meeting. look at my legs!! so clear woohoo!!!!!!!!
taking model pix while waiting for a member to accompany us to a lesson! lol
bread and soda. my two biggest nonos before the mission haha 
eating ice cream, my flavors, chocolate with rocher, and a white chocolate cheesecake
helmets and heat
us with emilse!
the 4 from esperanza! 
elder ferney, he knows the green family and says hi!
...and after of the ice box i cleaned yes. for cleaning day.

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