Monday, August 11, 2014

"Clowns, dogs, and torta" (August 11, 2014)

pues pues pues.
so este semana! fue un otro semana y no se cuando cosas van a empezar para nosotros pero todo estan en el tiempo del Señor. :)
so ill start with monday, we had another pday special with our district. they came to esperanza and we played at a beautiful park called leoncita. so that was fun, ill send a pic of it but it was fun, we returned to work the next day! well so this week.
we had an awesome lesson with vetiana about the plan of salvacion. before we even started the lesson she told us about a child she lost before birth. well we taught the lesson putting a stress on children are saved in christ and how she will see her baby again. the spirit was way strong and at the end of the lesson we invited her to baptism. without hesitating she said no, we asked her if she believed what we were teaching and she said yes but she will not get baptized because she is catholic. we asked if she would pray and she said no, so then she asked us if we had to stop coming by, and we looked at each other and then at her and said, well yeah if you arent even going to ask god we shouldnt stop by here all the time, it was sad and she started to cry, she said she believed but couldnt get baptized, we said that it was really sad for us too but we have a purpose while we are here and we cant spend time where we wont be fulfilling that purpose. it was said but so necesary, we still will pass by and say hi but just to see if shes reading and stuff. oph! and her mom is now meeting with the missionaries from the other area and so if she gets baptized vetiana should right? haha well we will see. it is always important to be a purpose minded missionary. even if you have to drop people you got to remind them of your purpose so they can have an understanding better of why you are there. well on a happier note!
a member that reminds me of abuela,
she comes out with us on lessons and rides her tricycle!
we had an awesome lesson with this guy jose (pocho) he is a scary looking man but is very sweet! we taught him the 1st lesson with a member named noris and it went really well. he received everything great and even accepted a fecha!!! he has a desire to know the truth and he seems really solid. so we will see what happens with that. we had another lesson with monica! it went okay, she didnt read so we read 3 nefi 11 1-14 with her and gave her the rest of the chp to read. she is better and will be able to start walking around soon enough so yeah! other than that we had some appt. but they all fell through and we contacted alot and talked alot of lessons at the door. pres zanni post the comps and the number of lessons they taught this week on the weekly letter so this week we had 25 lessons in total. each week we are getting better and hopefully we will be able to improve that number as well but also, hopefully we will be able to find news!!! well thats about the updates for this week!
we were out walking and this guy on his bike just rode slow by us and said ooohhh divinasssss so slow and creepily, and he rode away, we started laughing and we said well thats a new one. hahaha well hmm we started saying the same things this week like saying the same things at the same time haha #compunity. haaahaha

when peoples beloved cats die, they skin it and
hang the fur, how special right? haha
so this week i studied a little on integrity. well two days on it. and my understanding got wider and we all know integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking. well in personal progress, integrity #3 or 4 i think, it has you look up all these examples of people having integrity. we read about esther and daniel, job, and others. in job i think 7:1-6 (no es seguro) he says he will die with his integrity. he knows God lives and loves him and despite all he is going through he will never deny that knowledge. having integrity is more than just telling the truth, it is standing up for it as well. i love joseph smiths example of integrity. he received the vision of god and jesus christ, followed the commands from them, restored the truth on the earth, and brought forth the book of mormon. until his death he never denied or wavered in his conviction of what he had seen. i hope we can all be like this and live to defend and stand for what we know is the truth. i know that as we do this we will be blessed with more convixtion and comfort from god that we are doing what is right and being faithful and true in our tesimonies.

hope you all have a wonderful week and i love you all!!!
oh and shout out to my dad. HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLD GUY ;)

hermana sanders

special pday!
 haha a kid alan and his new puppy
eating like a latina, rice with eggs and mayo!
how the gauchos take care of their trash, they dig a hole and burn it.
talent show! one hermana dressed up as a clown and sang a song 
a kid dressed up as a dog and did dog tricks hahaha
Sunday night fun!
face masks!!!

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