Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"Working hard..." (September 29, 2014)

man what a week. im so tired holy heckkkkk anyways!
so we got the tortilla...well they werent. we used epanada tapas and just cooked them stove top,
so we taught taught taught this week. we reached almost all of our goals and exceeded others. but we also found so many awesome potentials and our inv that we do have really progressed.
Banana bread for planning
jose. so he is still not a fumador, a smoker, but he still hasnt come to church. were getting a little worried but we cant give up faith on him,
lucila, is still wonderful and we continue to teach her and im trying to stay patient but hma carlson really wants her to get baptized or drop her...well see i still feel like she needs us now, but we got to teach her brother the first lesson and he accepted a date! that was such a miracle holly crap haha so we just need to get the two of them on the same date and all will be well.
Alfajors with the girls! Haha!
patricia is a niece of the pres wife here. she is doing so awesome and will be baptized this saturday if we can teach all the lessons we need to haha but she is very excited and has a huge desire to learn and to change, to be born again and i know that she can really do this and make this change if she keeps up on all the commandments. and really we can see that god gives us commandments because he loves us and cares for our well being and he wants us to be clean and pure so we can return to live with him. also since she has decided to live the law of chasity and separate from her marido, she has been blessed and has been offered a job! what a milagro!
hmm oh! so the inv we chased down, we found again taught him and he came to church again this week, we stood outside and waited for him this time so he couldnt get lost haha but he like it so yay!
Milkiando. It's a verb we made up here called "milkiar", you bite
 both sides of an alfajor and then suck up the milk hahaha so good.
we found a new family, the moms name is sandra, she is recently divorced with 5 kids, and she just lost her job, please pray for her and also that she will continue to listen and learn about the gospel.
so patricia, shnell(the guy we chased down) and maria came to church! the most inv ive ever had. it was so great! oh and after church i went up to maria and i asked her "so, weve been thinking and you say when you want to get baptized you will do it the day of right? well in order to get baptized you need an interview, so will you be interviewed this tuesday at 4?" and she was like...whatttttt hahaha no and i just looked at her and smiled and then she was like, okay muchacha ill do it. haha so yay our marathon inv is having an interview haha
also patricia will be having her interview as well. so exciting right? so this saturday we might have 2 baptisms! and general conference! locooooooo but what a wonderful day it will be.
so all in all we taught a whopping 34 lessons this week and found 6 new people. none of this would have been possible without the ayuda de dios. realmente yo puedo ver en este obra, que necesitamos Dios, necesitamos la ayuda del espiritu santo para poder realizar la voluntad de dios. estoy muy agradecida por todo lo que el me ha dado y por la fuerza y energia que yo he recibido.

How we got to hear Women's Conference. We sat in the Branch President's
office and the internet connection didn't work so we just listened to part of it. 
Only two ladies showed up and all...
yo se que El vive. que jesucristo ha expiado por todo nuestros pecados. el ha sentido todo lo que sentimos y por eso, el nos entiende perfectamente. le amo a Jesucristo y voy a servirle con todo me corazon, fuerza, mente a alma.

Pics from Taco night...with Lucila.
on friday we were waiting for people to come to seminary and english classes instead of just sitting down i decided to stand at the door with soy mormon cards and pass them out to all who walked by, well i didnt know what to say to this one girl who walked by i almost didnt go after her but i did. i was so nervous but i just said "hi can i present myself? im a missionary for the church of jesus christ of latter day saints, i want to invite you to come to our church meetings, they are sunday from9-1ยบ2 in the morning. here we worship god and have sunday school...." and then she stopped me and said "i know this church, took lessons from the elders for a year and a half when i lived in patagonia." haha so she had just moved here and bam we found her! well see if we ever find her again but everyone was laughing at me cuz i was so like excited and all. haha it was embarrassing but hey at least we found someone lol

.....and Hermana Spies. Haha!
so things are good here in esperanza. the work is progressing and no one and stop this work. im so thankful for all that i have been given and i know that our trials and aflictions in life, are from god to make us stronger and so that we can return to him, shaped and molded into the person he needs us to be. your homework for this week is to read mormon 9. i know that God is a God of miracles and he can see these miraces everyday when we have the faith. i love you all very much1.

un besito
hermana sanders

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