Tuesday, September 15, 2015

"mich" (September 14, 2015)

this week was pretty..uhm..how you say...it was a week and we survived so thats good! :)
it all started tuesday. we went to pick up our lunch from a member. she gave us a bunch of different things that are really yummy but we tried a little sandwich of blue cheese...it was a bomba and progressively during the next day we got sick. by thursday we couldnt leave the apartment. from thursday to saturday we were in bed with food poisoning. the second time in my life! the first time i had food poisoning but only like 24 hrs from eating burger king chicken fires...remember?? it was so long ago but wow yeah we lost a ton of weight this week so thats good!...mas o menos. lol
nevertheless, we did have a litttle of success this week. 
we were barely able to see inv. but we did see one and we found a new!
mariana. she is a reference from a sister in the branch here. she is a teacher and has 2 kids. shes married!!!! :) but yeah! weve met with her twice. she has many wonderful questions about finding which church has all the truth of god...so of course we invited her to read the book of mormon and find out for herself if this church is his church, we also taught the plan of salvation. she had always wondered where we came from before this life. we taught her about the pre earth life. how we are literally sons and daughters of God and how we chose to come to this life. we chose to follow Christ when God presented his plan. and now we are on the earth and we have to follow him and his gospel here so we can return to live with him again. she felt that what we taught was true and she even said that she had felt that she had already known this and that she was learning it again. :) so shes really special! :)
then on tuesday we got a reference from the elders of a guy they met in the street. his name is fabio. he has problems like...hes probably autistic or something im not sure but he is very high functioning. we met him and he was very nice. he has a special spirit. we began to talk about what we do as missionaries and we asked him if he could ask anything to god what would he ask. he said very clearly.."i only have one question. what church is the true church" in that moment i felt like a calming sensation from head to toe and i got goosebumps. we shared the story of joseph smith and how he had the same exact question. fabio listened to us attently and said he would read the book of mormon but that he felt really good about what we had taught. :)
after that we had to cancel the appt we had with him because we got too sick but we saw him in the street after and said hi to him and talked for a bit. we will follow up with him this week but i just feel god has prepared him. :)
so becuase we were sick we were dead basically this whole week so here is my funny thought for this week. its a joke so bear with me! (atun means tuna in spanish)
what did the fish say as it fell from the third floor? "AAAAAAAA-tun"
so in my studies this week i read in romans 12. in this chapter paul writes about how we should be as members of the church. how we should serve others. in vs 20 he shows us the way and in vs 21 he tells us why. the way we combat evil is when we do good works. everything that is good comes from god. with all the bad going on in the world we need to fight the bad with the good. you dont fight fire with fire. so with all the wicked in the world we are required to be better and better. where much is given much is required. never get desanimated for what is going on the world but rather have courage and valiance. :) i love you all! and i hope we can always progress. god loves us and is aware of every aspect of our lives. 
keep classy san diego! (and everywhere else you might be in) haha
hna sanders

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