Wednesday, September 9, 2015

"La tormenta va a pasar" (September 8, 2015)

woo!! another week in the books. it actually was a decent week! we didnt have to stay in the apart one day because we are finally healthy! also this week i think ive eaten more cake than in my whole life but its okay because we've had to run a few times haha. i will explain later.also, this week was super spiritual haha just listen to this!
the people!
this week we passed by for the flia oviedo. remember the couple with 2 kids...the father has cancer and hes paralyzed from the waist down. because of his sickness he cant work and the mother make food and sells it so they can pay the bills. well, this week we passed by. we started to teach the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ when we asked them what is your relationship with god? the mom answered and said(paraphrasing) "well before he got sick i didnt really care for religious things, but when he got sick we had to stay in rosario for  a bit. i never left his side. i slept in the hospital so we could be together. i felt so alone but thats when i found god. i prayed i knew he was there" then we asked the father the same question. he said "i always knew god existed. i always prayed, always went to mass when i was younger and ive always had a good relationship with him but then i got sick. any other person wouldve gotten mad at God but i didnt. i was confused because i know im a good person but i just always took deep breaths and trusted ijn him. in the end, he is all powerful. he controls our destiny and all we have to do is trust in him and live his gospel. if he needs me to die, ill die for him but i dont want to..but i would if he asked me to" (sorry this is so long) but when he said that it was one of the most special moments of my life.
 to see a man with every reason to be sad, to feel sorry happy and peaceful. after we finished the lesson, they couple both said they have been looking for the complete truth, and they think theyve found it. its a very special family so please pray for health for the father! :)
we have new investogators this week that we are teaching as well. next week ill write more about them! but its just been a really great week and we are started to recognize miracles in everyday things!
Laura came to church this week!! and if she comes one more week shell be considered an active member! shes also progressed so much in these past two weeks. its amazing to see the hand of god in our lives! okay so i also wanted to share a few more stories. the youth of this branch is amazing. one of the kids told us this past week that hes bullied at school for being mormon..this kid is super tall and hilarious so its kinda weird that kids were bullying him, not an easy target if you catch my drift...that probably sounds really bad haha but its the truth what are ya gonna do. anyways! one day a kid started fighting with him becuase hes mormon and he took a pencil and tried to stab out his eye because he was defending his religion. this bully ran away and the mormon kid went home with a bloody face...hes was alright and everything but freak...its amazing how much persecution people get for being religous nowadays. in the times we are in the world is getting more wicked and disciples of christ will be bullied, made fun of, and persecuted. but lets all look at this example of this kid. he stood up and wasnt willing to let down for anyone. defend your religon. defend the truth because in the end, our testimony will be all we have!
funny story!
so this week everyone had a birthday. hna valenca doesnt like cake but i do, so when the members served us cake i would eat my piece, her piece and sometimes theyd put another one on my plate haha but its okay becuase we had alot of appointments ths week and the bikes werent working so we ended up running to and from houses #fitness.
also i have a new comp! hna jamison. she was trained by hna shotwell for a transfer and then another comp, and now shes my compy! we are very excited to work together! 
just read ether 12:27 from the book of mormon. it was an essencial scripture for me this week...hope it helps some of you in this week!
yayyy well hope you all had a great week! love you all and take care!
-hna sanders

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