Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sam vs. Frodo (September 28, 2015)

so i thought alot about this weeks title... ill explain it later when i rant later on! 
but this week was actually quite wonderful!
we went to rosario again to do tramites (visa work) o! and funny story super quick. while we were there, the secretary of the mission lost my passport! haha so we had to back track till we found it but we did! so all is well, but after that crazy morning we went back to the mission home and ran into hna shotwell!!! we hung out in the terminal till we had to go back to venado but it was fun! i missed her so much and its always fun seeing her. its like seeing an old friend from home! 
okay so on to the week! it was pretty slow with everyone. mariana was sick, we lost contact with fabio ;( flia oviedo was traveling again for his sickness and yeah! so that was rough. we were (and by we i mean i) was sick again so we took advantage of the down times we had to nap and rest to be able to go out for appointments and such. so here is the miracle of this week.
last week we began to teach her and we got to know her and her husband and family. well they didnt make it to church last sunday but this week we passed by twice with members of the branch! the first time we went with the primary president. (becuase silvana has two sons martin:7 and fransisco:3) we taught about the restoration and the book of mormon. silvana expressed that she was worried her husband would never be interested. well this sister shared that she married a non member but then after 4 years he converted! it was great. then the second time we passed by, we came with hna martin who also works in primary and shes so cool. we spoke about the importance to pray daily, read daily, and attend church! they became friends and exchanged numbers! so during the week, hna martin was chatting with her. okay so sunday comes along. during the last lesson silvana had told us that she wouldnt be able to come because she would be traveling to go to a wedding in a little pueblo. so we were bummed but wait for it...we are riding our bikes and pulling up to the church and we see hna martina and her 5 kids and they stop and wait for someone...around the corner come SILVANA AND HER TWO CRAZY KIDS. i felt like crying i was so shocked and happy! turns out that after the wedding she got into a fight with people and decided to come back and come to church! the members were amazing. everyone welcomed her and helped her with her kids. (they are crazyyy) and she had such a wonerful time. in gospel principles she asked when should she get baptized! haha so we said when she gets an answer from her prayers. she still doesnt have a baptismal date but we know shes heading the right direction. just slow and steady wins the race. 
we are here to help people get closer to god through covenants and ordinances right? but our goal as missionaries is to help them become life long active members in the church. not just get baptized and chao. its an eternal commitment! she understands that and thankfully the members are amazing and are doing the missionary work with her. :)
so thats my miracle of the week!
now time to explain the title! i was thinking about how i get sick alot in the mission and its really frustrating right? then on my ipod the lotr theme started to play and i thought about sam and frodos journey to mordor. they went through so many hard trials and had every right to turn around but they didnt. frodo was fine at the beginning but the weight of the ring became almost too heavy to bear...especially when they were climbing mount doom. on the other hand, sam was always looking ahead to the end goal. to making it back home. he focused on rationing his foods, taking care of his friends and doing all he could do to make it back. frodo lost sight of this for a bit.and as they were sitting on the side of the mountain, almost at the end.. sam was reminiscing on the shire, the brooks and the grass, sunlight...frodo said he had lost sight of all that. he couldnt recall any of it. everything was dark and all he focused on was darkness and evil. so lets stop there. are we looking ahead at our end goal and pushing forward to make it back home? or are we sitting and moping about all the bad things that are happening? we all know what happens next. sam says to frodo "i cant carry the ring for you, but i can carry you" 
he then lifts up frodo and walks to the gate. then blah blah blah gollum comes and messes things up for a bit but at the end sam and frodo escape together and make it back home.
now why is this relelvant. we have a crazy mission in this life. and things get hard sometimes and we have two choices. to look at the glass half empty or half full. luckily frodo had sam to carry him when he couldnt go any further. we have christ who carries us. that is called grace. when we give everything we can and christ helps us with the rest. read dyc 24:8 depend on the savior always so that we make it in the end not as messed up as frodo is. we can make it better. we can overcome our trials with grace and ease if we only trust on the savior.
sorry for the nerd moment and the long thought. :)
well hope you all have a great week. love you all!! 
hna sanders

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