Monday, January 11, 2016

"It's a Christmas Miracle!!!!" (December 21, 2015)

so let me start out with MERRY CHRISTMAS. isnt it the best time of year?? even though down here its like 100 degrees with 13800957% humidity its so fun seeing little xmas trees and being able to talk about christmas. today when we went shopping you could tell xmas was this week because all the alcohol was on sale and everyone was buying shopping carts full of wine (no joke) and there we were with our oreos and alfajores 😂hahaha

Jessica & Lydia
so this week has been yet another week of travels! we went down to rosario for visa stuff for my comp so that was fun! and we had our christmas activity as a zone! we all got together, made cookies, played games, and then went to a retirement home and talked and sang to the abuelitos! i made friends with a girl named lydia who had lived in the states for a long time :) haha and then we all sang carols. it was great! 🎄

so about this christmas miracle!
its been a rough time trying to find news (new investigators) in the area and with all the travels we have to do its been hard to follow up on them. its been frustrating to say the least. well one night it was was almost time to head back home (we have to be in at 830) and we had had a hard day, no one had been home and well...yeah justpretty long. **side story- every friday we go to an ice cream store and usually the workers give you tiny cheap scoops of ice cream but this one worker always gives us HUGE scoops. weve made friends with her....getting back to the miracle. **so we were walking back to the apartment when i felt we should walk down a certain street on the way. right when we turned the corner we heard "CHICAS!!" it was the ice cream lady!!! we stopped to talk to her. her name is JIMENA. we chatted for a bit and she invited us to her house to teach her. we got her number and the next day we went to her house. basically she is golden. :) (trying not to count the chickens before they hatch) but she doesnt smoke, or drink, she is separated and has a kid named mia. shes 1 yr old! shes is totally willing to accept commitments and pay tithing! and these are all things she had questions about in our first meeting. so tonight we will teach her again and we are very excited we are teaching the ice cream lady 😍 hahaha
Bus Station in San Nicolas
this sunday the primary kids sang and right before the teacher asked me if i could lead the music for them haha so that was fun i felt like the primary music choristers from home that always smiled like a crazy lady and mouthed the words super big so the kids to see hahaha

so funny story 🙈
on sunday we were walking to the bus stop when i car honked at us, out of random habit i waved!! it was a car full of drunk boys all about 18-21 years old, coming back from the club. ahhhh so i was like kssfirshsre what did i just we kept on walking and they drove past us again and shouted "hey chicas! come with us" and opened up the car door...we just shook our heads and kept walkig....ughhhhh que verguenza! i was so embarrassed. haha. when cars honk at us it usually is never idk my head was foggy that morning haha oops.
okay well spiritual!
this christmas i hope everyone takes a sec to remember their savior. when i think of christmas i think of the food, christmas trees and my family but i always remember that before we could open of the presents, my parents always made us read the christmas story in the new testament and the book of mormon. when i was super young i could barely wait to run downstairs but these last few years ive really grown to appreciate this tradition my parents did with us. i guess i invite everyone to think of a tradtion they do that focuses on christ and not on presents and do it with real intent :) . and if you dont have one, think of something you can do to remember our Lord in this time. 
also i read moses 6:31-34 this morning and want you all to read it too! accept the lords invitation and WALK WITH HIM from today, on. :)
hope everyone enjoys their christmas! i know i will!!!! :) eat tons of cheesy potatoes and fudge for yours truly!! ill be eating lemon pie and oreos and flan!!!😁😘🙌🎄 (excuse all the emojis hehehe)
hna sanders

Argentine sunset while raining
Jessica, Hermana Lopez, and Pizza

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