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An unexpected journey continues... (April 16, 2014)

Well it is only appropriate, last Pday here at the CCM (MTC in spanish)WOOHOOOOOO! So like Bilbo Baggins I am going on an unexpected journey to ARGENTINA. Not unexpected in regards to like the last 7 months or so, but before, it was totally unexpected. I will be faced with obstacles that I've never imagined and I realize I am so not fit for this great journey I am faced with, but "the courage of hobbits never cease to amaze." The Lord is my courage and so little ol' me will be in Argentina. Holy crap I am so excited! Whereas most would be so nervous they're throwing up but I am nothing but excited. I understand that challenges will come, but the Lord is with me and I know that with Him and His help I will not, I cannot fail. He will not let me. :)
Moving on, this last week has literally flown by and I really can barely believe all that has happened. But I'm doing my best, haha. So first off my skin is improving. The antibiotics have been really helping but they made me sick. On Saturday I needed to see a doc because I was like nauseas and throwing up kind of sick. But the MTC clinic was closed. So I had to go to urgent care. HAHAHAHAH! So I went there and they just told me get on an antibiotic and I'll be fine. So I did and now I'm fine haha. I prayed sooo hard to feel better and honestly that had to help with how fast I recovered. Funny story that happened Sunday-Monday: this one girl in our zone named Hermana #1 (name concealed for privacy),on Sunday night she had 5 creampuffs. I mean like normal sized not the Costco bite sized. Everyone was mad and she had an "intervention" haha! On Monday at lunch she had 6 more! I was cheering her on and telling her to go for it, and have just one more! haha. Then at dinner, everyone was disgusted at her but here I am totally persuading her to eat 4 more so it would be 15 creampuffs in less than 24 hours. I would go and get them for her and everything. And she did it! I was totally pressuring her into it and after all that, all the girls in the zone compared to me the devil for tempting Hermana #1. I was just aiding her in her goal...which was her goal because I had pressured her into it hahaha! Honestly the only reason I "motivated" her into it was so that I could have something funny to write about because it has been sooo boring up in here. So yesterday we had a special devotional. Shotwell made me sing in the choir with her.  Before we sang I was giving her tips on how to sing properly. We were laughing when all of a sudden she started to cry (this is in public mind you). I asked her why she was crying and she said, "it's just because I'm really gonna miss you" and then I started to cry. We have really become so close and we are so thankful to have each other. It's amazing how close we are and not just cuz we've gone through so much but because we are basically kindred spirits. We just click and I'm really gonna miss her.
Hermana Sanders and Hermana Shotwell, kindred spirits.
 Anyways, back to the devo. Guess who spoke!! Neil A. Anderson!! He really just taught that the most important thing to remember while on the mission is to keep things simple. The doctrine of Christ is simple and powerful in it's simplicity. The Lord rejoices in plainess, so we should teach the same way. He had people voluntarily share their favorite sermon of Christ from the Book of Mormon. People shared King Benjamin in Mosiah, Jesus in 3 Nephi and others. But my favorite is probably Abinadi in Mosiah 15-16. Abinadi is chained and being tried for death. And even though he is in this perilous situation, he teaches. He is standing up and preaching of what is most important in life to remember. Later in the Book of Mormon, Alma the Younger is writing his son Shiblon who is being persecuted for what he believes in, while serving a mission. In Alma 38 verse 2, he says those who endure to the end are blessed. We will face much opposition as we live the gospel and as we stand up for what we believe and defend our faith (Jeffrey R. Holland conf. talk), but as we endure we will be blessed. It was a good devo!
This morning during service, after we finished all we needed to do, the people who are in charge (BYU students) play a game with us. Today we had a competition that was who could balance the most tp(toilet paper) on one hand for the longest. Shotwell won haha! But that's the kind of things we do here. Also today we finally get a new district. 4 sisters and 4 elders. Hermana Shotwell and I have already discussed pranks we will do for them hahaha. Nothing mean, just nice funny ones.

So yes, we got our travel plans!!!! I will be leaving SLC on Monday. Departing flight at 9 am then we land in Georgia for a 5 hour layover. I will call you then! (I'm getting a calling card from the bookstore for that). Then after that, straight to Buenos Aires!! I'm not sure how were gonna get to Rosario but well figure that out when we get there. There is a native in my travel group so at least we will have one person who can speak to people haha. Also for the travel group, it's Shotwell and I, and 5 elders so we will be safe and protected by them. :)
So to end the email, I'm sorry I didn't have too many funny stories, it was a boring week just focused on espanol. But I did read in Romans 8. It is an amazing chapter and I love it, but the best is the last few verses, 35-39. I hope everyone will read these. In a nutshell, God's love for us is unconditional and eternal. There is nothing that we can do, or go through that will take that away from us. Through Christ, we are strengthened and we can conquer anyhing that is thrown at us. Any mistakes we make, or trials that are thrown to us, we can overcome all because Christ overcame the World. This Easter I hope everyone can remember this: "For God so loved the World that He gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life". Christ lived and died. He overcame death and lived again. Through him, we will be able to live again in perfect harmony with our families and with God, Forever. This is the greatest gift we could ever ask for.
I trust in the Lord with all my heart and I know that all will be well. I AM SO EXCITED FOR ARGENTINA I CANT EVEN SAY!
Hermana Sanders III

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