Friday, April 4, 2014

He's here... (April 2, 2014)

Jeremiah 16:14-16, Hebrews 11, and 12:1-2

The subject line is a reference to when Frodo says "he's here" at the battle of Gosgiliath referring to the Witch King. I'm using it in reference to my bug bite. It has returned in a different spot but it's big and infected again. I went to the doc and he says it might actually be a follicle infection. So i have more antibiotics and yeah. Also in my elbows my eczema has been so bad. But apparently now it's Psoriasis, least it's treated the same I just need Eucerine and all that jazz. So to answer your questions first, for the visa? They are doing month to month visas which means all Argentina missionaries go straight to Argentina. No more visa waiters. Only for Brazil but apparently they stopped calling people there unless they are natives. Yikes also the food hasn't gotten any better and my weight hasn't gotten any lighter. but I workout everyday and use all my gym time. Hermana Shotwell and I do the elliptical then weights and then volleyball with our friends from other zones. It's really fun we have about an hour and a half to do that. So emily wrote a "dear elder" in all spanish and I understood most of it besides the matrimony part so please have her expalin that in english hahaha!

Valencia to Rosario hahaha
Also, shout out to grandma and grandpa for writing me a "dear elder"! Let them know I use that chapstick everyday and I think about them too!! It's a nice little reminder everytime my lips are chapped, which is everyday in the dry abyss of Provo. haha
So on to my week. On Thursday night Hermana Shotwell and I felt impressed to hold a district gathering. We were going to just have a 15 minute hang out sesh but i got the impression to have every girl go around and say one sentence of what we love about each other. It was really awesome and sweet. Hermana Shotwell got words like, graceful, thoughtful, caring, and I got words like, unconventional, courageous, fearless, and carefree but cares so much...which shouldn't make sense but it totally does.Haha, but it was so nice the girls loved it. on FridayHermana #1 and #2 (names have been comcealed for privacy) spent the day at main because Hermana #1 ended up deciding to go home. So she left at 5:00 pm Friday. It was sad but kind of a relief for Hermana Shotwell and I because everyday was another breakdown with her. It is good though she went home so she can focus on getting mentally stable and emotionally ready for the mission demands. We've only had two more breakdowns this week one from #2  and one from #3 ! So that is an improvement. Haha. I love them so much and I'm so happy things are getting better for them both. Hermana #4  became the new STL which is good but she is having a power trip right now and it's pretty frustrating. Hermana Shotwell and I just let her do her thing in class but then we kinda go our separate ways for gym and food. We make sure they are all okay and we do spend time with them all but it's just frustrating and I'm really really working on my patience and love for them. Sometimes it's difficult but most of the times it's good, it's just been hard dealing with them these past two days.. haha sooooo yeah! Oh! we made an agreement with our teachers that we will speak as much spanish throughout the whole day as we can as long as they give us a doctrinal lesson every night at 8 in english. Haha so that has been great. We learned awesome things about Joseph Smith and we all gained larger testimonies of him as a prophet because of it. I invite you all to reread Joseph Smith History and really decide for yourself that Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God. I could tell cool stories but I'll save those for later. They're all in my journal. Oh! during one of our TRC lessons, I shared and recited the first vision in spanish! It was so great and using the words of the prophet brought the spirit in so much!

So this next part dad will appreciate so much. Guess who spoke at our devotional on Sunday?? Richard Elliot!! (for those of you who don't know, Richard Elliot is my Dad's favorite Mormom Tabernacle organist) He spoke and then played the organ and each song he played had a story behind it. Did you know he is a convert and that he served his mission in the...wait for it... ARGENTINA ROSARIO mission?? So cool. Wellll after he spoke and played, none other than David Archuleta, who just returned from his mission on Wedensday, spoke , bore his testimony and sang for us. It was such a special devo.(tional). One song he sang was "be still my soul". The line, "sorrow forget, loves purest joys restored" hit me like a brick wall. That is exactly what the Atonement can do for us. It allows us to forget about all the bad things in life that get us down and then it brings to us joy unimaginable! During the devo. I thought alot about dad and I actually got teaarry for the first time since being on the mission.

Okay so funny story of the's not really a story but Shotwell and I do crazy things together alot. This week we have discovered that alot of missionaries don't even get back to their apartments till 10:00. Hah! So what we do is turn off all the lights and peek out the window and watch all the elders go back to their apartment and we see which ones are flirting with the sisters hahaha! It's actually really creepy but we find alot of entertainment out of it. The MTC is making us creepers!! hahahaha

General Conference is this weekend and I wouldnt be a missionary without telling all ya'll at home to watch it. Put yourself back in time when there weren't tv's, radios, nothing. And go back even farther to when there weren't even prophets on the earth. How lucky and blessed we are to have the conference right at our fingertips. The words spoken are revelation and direct guidance for us and it is so important that we engage ourselves in this conference!! I'm gonna try my best to not fall asleep to but I think the fact I'll be in a dress and a hard chair will help. If that's what it takes you should do that too and put on your church clothes to be able to pay more attention. No blankets, no pillows. Those are satans tools to keep us from paying attention!! hahaha well either way I really hope you all watch conference and enjoy it.

Scriptures for this week. Read Jeremiah 16:14-16 and apply the first verses to latter day saints and member missionary work (thought of you mom and what an amazing example you are of this)
and read Hebrews 11, and 12:1-2

Things hit me with spiritual bricks when I read them and I hope you can read these and ponder them and apply what you get out of them in your life.

To all the members "missionary work defines your relationship with God." -President Eyring. Missionary work needs the members.

please send pictures of the family and friends 
Mom- send Emily up with my black yoga pants with blue tie dye waist band. Also maybe one or two long sleeve shirts and if she wants to give me any mission clothes that would be cool too.
I'll send home things I won't need in Argentina so don't worry about space. Also thanks for editing the emails, I don't think about that when I type.
Oh they extended Hermana Shotwell's and my calling a whole week as zone leaders
okay! Well I think that is all. Pictures coming your way! Sorry I didn't get too many this week. I kept on forgetting my camera. That won't happen again.
Well, I'm pretty sure that's that!
 Love- Hermana Sanders III

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