Monday, April 28, 2014

Breathe, that's the key, keep breathing. -Gimli (April 28, 2014)

#there is a ton of work to do!!

Man oh man what a crazy last week. So I'm just gonna start when I arrived here in Argentina because it's too hard to remember anything else! haha
So my trainer is AMERICANA literally thank 
With my trainer, Hermana Moberly
the lord so much because it is such a blessing to have her. Her name is Hermana Moberly from Simi Valley, California! She's been here in Argentina 3 months and before she was waiting for her visa in Texas Houston South or something. I love her so much! And we get along wonderfully. We live like queens in a charming apartment located in the central part of our area. BTW ("by the way") I'm in SUNCHALES. I love it so much. It's pretty big, not like Buenos Aires but it's still pretty big. So the ward here is actually a branch...consisting of 8 members and we have 3 priesthood but one just got out of jail so it's just the branch president and the senior couples male part...hahaha. I said that super weird. So this became an area 4 months ago after being closed for 15 years so there is a ton of work to do!! So that's that. My first day here. We did our studies and unpacked cleaned and tracted for a little bit. It was good. The next day while contacting we passed the radio station of Sunchales. The radio host was just walking out so I nudged Moberly and we contacted him. HE INVITED US OVER THE NEXT DAY TO SPEAK ON THE RADIO. Apparently 15 years ago missionaries would speak weekly so how crazy! We went there and Moberly spoke about the Restoration. They asked us about bfs and all that and that was it. The senior couple came and took pics. Haha I forwarded them to you. That night we were going to a lesson when we were stopped in the street by someone who had heard us on the radio and recognized the name tags! We got two new investigators who are totally willing to listen to us...also they had a LDM ("Libro de Mormon")from 15 years ago and have been waiting.

we will see what happens. :) The next day we taught a few more lessons and I extended the baptismal invitation to 2 investigators. One accepted with a date and the other one said she knows it's true but she isn't sure yet.. blah blah blah haha. But it's promising. The next day, I think I'm on Friday haha I placed my first book of mormon to a contact/new investigator. So there is a lot of work to do and there are people ready and waiting who we just need to find. We are putting alot of stress on contacting since we (at the beginning of the week) had 4 inv-stigators. Since I've come weve grown that to 8! The average contacting per week before was 50, but from wed-sun we had 98. The most Moberly had ever had.! On Sunday we had 16 people there. 6 members, ten contacts/ investigadors, etc. The most ever at church. I bore my testimony and shared my favorite scripture. It was wonderful>!!! I freaking love it here. Moberly's past comps were really difficult and didn't really want to work so now that we both want to work and be obedient, the work here is going to explode! We know what we have to do on our part and we have the faith that with exact obedience and diligence, boldness, and love for the people of Sunchales we will be able to expand the Lord's church and do what we are here to do!

The Bug Bite 
So the spanish is coming along. People are always suprised when I say I've been in Arg. for 6 days. The first day in Arg. I got a bug bite on my lip. The next morning it swelled up to the size of an almond!!! Ahhh then I had another one on my tummy that was massive. I've counted 29 on my thighs alone, 16 on my back, at least 30 on my arms...yeah I'm being eaten alive here....but it's okay. And yes I use bug spray. I'm not in a jungle. There is not a single mountain in the whole mission haha and there is one stop light in our area...about half the roads are paved and the other half is dirt. We don't get fed ever by members so are on our own. When I got here Moberly was broke and so we've been living off rice, pasta and the granola you gave me since I've came. haha but we got money and shopped today so were set. I honestly love the people here so much and we have a goal to contact 140 people, get 10 new investigators, and set 1 baptism date for every 2 lessons we teach. I know if we are diligent we will do it!!!!
Well the sub-subject line is Gimli when he's running behind Legolas and Aragorn in pursuit of the orcs with Merry and Pipin. I quote this one because the task ahead is daunting and seems impossible but just keep on running head on and just remember to breathe.

This morning I read in D. & C. 128. I want you all to read vs. 17, 18, 19, 22-24. It's all about the importance of family history work and the promised blessings we have from it. I am so happy I'm here and I love it more and more everyday!

 Eating Alfajores (Argentine cookie filled with Dulce de Leche)
  About packages! Yeah you can still send packages but it's a lot more expensive. No fed ex or UPS, it has to be through the normal mail and you have to pay for extra postage for the tax idk ("I don't know"). Thanks for sending the letters I look forward to reading them. I love you all!!!!
Hermana Sanders III

Buenos Aires Temple

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