Thursday, June 5, 2014

"I just had some baby barf" (June 2, 2014)

hola mi amores! i just am gonna start by saying happy graduation to my cousin Kelsey, and my friends tyler piwo, david van name and Danika norris. i love yall!

so this week. well on tuesday we had a miracle. so when we contact, most of the time people say to come back another moment but they really mean dont come back...well this one lady who told us that last week, we decided we were going to go back. we go back and she is with her 11 yr old daughter. they say they only have 15 minutes so we are like perfect! we go inside their beautiful house and visit, we become pretty good friends and then we just lead into the first lesson, the restoration. they asked many questions and we were able to talk about them all. their questions led into the next subject. after we finished, the mom prayed! her name is silvia, and then at the end of the lesson she asked, "is there a bookstore where i could purchase this book of mormon?" and we were like " oh this is for you" and gave her the bom. she was very grateful and was excited to read it with her family. she also asked if it was okay for her and her family to attend church!! and we said, uhm of course!! haha she invited us for lunch with her whole family, her husband and her other child, so we can visit, eat, and talk about the book of mormon. we are so excited to go and i just pray that we can bring them into the gospel. it could bless their lives soo much just like it can all of ours. so please pray for silvia and her family! they didnt come to church because they were traveling but it still looks good and we are just waiting for the invitation but we will probably stop by soon.
so jyt (Jorgelina y Toto). they are still lost. the baptism didnt happen and they are very confused still. it makes me so sad but we text them and try to come by but they just arent recieving us...we'll lay back for now and give them some time.
why are we sick... haha *sad face*
so other than that...we just contacted and taught members this past week. it was great...on wednesday night i got really sick and we had to return about an hour early...the next day, hermana moberly and myself we really sick and we had fevers, and nausea we couldnt go out at all. hermana moberly also threw up. we bought eggs that day and thats it. then on friday we had a zone meeting where she threw up again. we both still had fevers and awful pains just in our body also we had no apetite and everytime we ate it was just bad......then after the meeting we went back and slept. on saturday, we felt worse so we stayed in again. and we went a little crazy...we made a series called "the sicko diaries" i hope i can send them to you. 

haha but literally for those three days we were just inside, sick, and laying on our beds and not moving. we read the scriptures alot and slept alot too. now we feel much better still regaining strength! so yay all is well here!
funny story!! on tuesday when we were out there were two men that stopped us to talk to us...usually we stop people but they were kind of weird. they were talking and asking about what we were and did so we were like we are missionaries, representatives of jesus christ and we invite others to come to him...yada yada yada. haha well they start to be kinda of flirty mostly to moberly because i cant speak. but then one of them looked at me then told moberly,"los ojos de su companera..." (your companions eyes) then the other one said"si, son muy llamativos" (yes, very attractive)then the first one said in english looking at me"your eyes, how beautiful, your eyes" in like his spanish / british accent hahaha i cant even imitate it but it was really awkward and funny. they were friendly just a little too flirty. but thats argentine men for you.

so interesting fact! while i was sick i was reading in 3 nephi 3:13-26 and 4:1-15. i likened it to "lord of the rings", the two towers when the orcs are coming upon the people of rohan. in the scriptures, the gadianton robbers are seeking to destroy the nephites. governer lachoneus (king theodin) orders all of his people to gather in the land bountiful and zarahelma. they build fortifications around them and prepare for battle (helms deep) they appoint gidgiddoni (aragorn) to basically lead them to battle and after a long and bloody fight the gadianton robbers are deafeated and the nephites (warriors of rohan) chase them down and end up killing the leader giddianhi (saroman). so there is your LOTR reference. im becoming concerned with how easily i find LOTR references in everyday life...and now the scriptures! yikes! haha
well i also read in 3 ne 9:13-14. Here, Christ is pleading with the people left over from the destruction. he is asking them to repent and put their trust in him so he can redeem them. It is still true for all of us here today. we are saved for these days at this time. christ is begging us to come unto him. he loves us so much that he pleads "will ye not return to me, and repent of your sins, and be converted, that i may heal you." all we have to do is trust in him and he will carry us through to the very end until the day we can rest in heaven with our father and our families. so that is the spiritual thought.
also scriptures to look up that i thought were cool in 1 timothy, 6:12, and 2 timothy 1:12 and 2:3. i just love them and wanted to share them.
well thats all i got for this week. i love you all so much and pray and think about you all daily!
Hermana Sanders

 P.S. hma(Hermana) hohermuth redeemed herself with cooking us last monday, chicken chorizo with potatoes and ice cream for dessert and last night she made us eggplant lasagna with sweet potatoes and corn and chocolate mousse for dessert. all is well yeah ill send you a pic of all the pics they sent me. 

a liahona we made out of a chocolate orange hermana moberly got haha
chocolate smiles
third day need of major comfort food. (the only things that would stay down)
made pancake cookies! a failed attempt at making cookies.
mustache cookie
massive spider while we cleaned.
christmas tree from mobes family hahaha 
were celebrating christmas this june becasue its cold. 

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