Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"Another week another destiny" (June 16, 2014)

VAMOS ARGENTINA i must say that so i am not shot haha only a few gunshots after the game but we got in at 8 instead of 9 so yay for safety!!. so this week was a ton better than last week. our zone leaders have us do this thing called milagro shoutout so we text them our miracles that happened and they send it out to the rest of the zone! its been good and helping everyones attitude and helping us recognize miracles! its been helping alot. also our mission president wrote that as long as we work our hardest it is okay. numbers dont mean anything and it is all about the people. i guess the whole mission has been having a hard time. we work so hard but the numbers dont reflect it but were not ourt here for numbers, were here for the people. :)

here is all the district! 
so this week! on tuesday for the district meeting, we focused on how to find news and then the elders bought mobes and i helado!!!! (ice cream) we got 3 kilos and shared it all...literally it was so good. and our district leader bought us argentina pins to wear during the world cup! so nice! our district composes of 4 latino elders and then us two american sisters. also after the last transfer our zone is all american besides our elders haha! lucky us we have them in our district!

so wedensday morning we went to see a family of new investigators. they are evangelista and have many desires to follow christ. they are so special and its a mom and her 3 daughters mainly, the youngest one is 15, then theres a 17 and a 18 yr old. we get along great. we had a wonderful lesson about the restoration and commited them to read and pray. when we came back on friday, they had done that and we asked if they knew it was true and without hesitation tatiana, the 15 yr old, said yes. we committed them to baptism so let us pray that things work out. this next week we will walk with them to church. it seems that is the only way we can get people to church is by walking with them but it is so worth it. so that was miracle number 1 this week! the next one was we were able to find a menos activo (less-active) 16 yr old chica who hasnt come to church in a few years. no one has been able to find her but we did por fin!! we had a lesson and we will be seeing her weekly. we tight. also that silvia that we had a lesson once with her daughter..? well we stopped by again and she said she hasnt texted us because she has been in brasil! but they just got back. she has been reading the BOM and she said she is very excited to the next time we could really sit down and talk. we have an appt for thursday night!!! such a miracle! oh and the last one. yesterday for church, the district presidency came and we had a surprise branch conference. our branch pres forgot to tell us so we were totally unprepared but it was all good. they brought us a PIANO so now instead of using pres. phone for the music, mobes played! the only downfall is we have to carry it to and from church haha but its okay! we are very grateful.
the best cookies in the world... times 2
i dress like this for comfort hahaha.
so funny things for the week! for fun, mobes and i sing hymns we dont know accapella and try to sight read them, but it never turns out right...lol. on wednesday night, we got ice cream to celebrate my 3 month!!! and on our way home a man stopped us and told me eyes were like honey haha and then we came home, and had a breakdown of how fat we are becoming, so we decided to go on a diet! well we wake up the next morning, go out contacting, and on our way home we look at each other and just say, im done with this diet thing. and we bought chocolate. haha our neighbor listens to spanish screamo which sounds like someone puking. so we fall asleep to that, we sang a musical number for church (mobes playing the piano, and me and hma hohermuth singing) so we get up to sing and karen (the 10 yr old recent convert) gets up to lead the music (thats her calling). haha annnnddddddd hmm. the members say im like a parrot. whenever i hear a spanish word i dont know i repeat it so i learn it....haha but they say im more clear and all. this week i really did improve alot with my spanish! it was a good week. we also found 5 new investigators who have alot of potential. so all in all it was a very good week! the most successfull week weve had yet id say!

the weather is getting very cold but its a good thing we have long skirts and leggings! haha so spiritual!

the beginning of a rainstorm...the clouds were darker then how it appears
dressing for the warmth
this week i had alot of impressions that led me to say during contacts that our message is different than anyone elses. it is true. we believe in god, jesus christ, the holy ghost and the bible. but what we have to offer is the world and more. also this week i read in moses 6:31-34. here enoch is being called by god but he is saying that people hate him because of this or that. well that is the same with all of us. we are called to whatever work we are called to. strengths and weaknesses included. God has called us to our work for what and who we are so we do what we are commanded to do. and he says "therefore, walk with me" when we follow the commandments, we walk with god. so that is what i wanted to share this week. i hope all is well with you all at home! vamos argentina!!!!! love you all!!! and happy birthday to joaquin!!!

Hermana Sanders

hahahahaha i laughed so hard and dad being thor. sounds like he had fun. have you gotten my letter? well i hope all is well and keep on eating wonderfully. this week our main dish was rice with eggs and worchestchire sauce (salsa inglesa) haha i hope you guys try some of the stuff i write down haha you can have eat like a missionary night! 
so much love to yall and hope all is well. smooches!!!
my face ....on my way home from a bad lesson
the spider of the week....we found more scorpins the size of my pinky finger this week but didnt get a pic before we killed it baha

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