Monday, June 23, 2014

"what gives me hope is that after Christ was resurrected, He ate."- Hma. Moberly (June 23, 2014)

the subject line describes mobes and i. best thing i heard that day...also i would have sent more pictures but joana our investigator deleted all my i only have a few. but here we go!

so wow what a week. let me just start with a miracle! so joana and joel (felipe caudas kids) both have bap dates for Saturday last week joana (14) was really doubting. we met with her on Saturday and asked her what was her doubt. she said she didnt know why she needed to be with only using the spirit as our guide we spoke a little more on joseph smith and how he has restored the priesthood authority on the earth. how now the covenants we make on earth are binded through this authority to heaven. so we shared that and also alma 7:14-15. the spirit guided both of us to ask inspired questions and to bear our testimony and after all that....i asked her, if she would pray and ask to know if these things are true, she said yes. i then asked, will you pray right here and now with us? and she said yes, so we knelt down and she offered one of the most sincere prayers ive ever heard. then we sat and waited for a few moments, the spirit was so strong and then she looked at us and said "i know its true and even though i still have some questions, i know that i have to do this in order to be with my family forever." it was such a special moment with her. and afterwards we ate brownies and talked about her baptism. she is sooo excited now and so is joel. On Friday their was a district activity in rafaela for the youth and then their families. so they went and we got permission to go too!! it was so fun and the caudas made friends with some awesome members over there. we learned how to dance a certain argentine dance called gatos haha and have tons of fun. that night we returned home, and ran over to the caudas and taught joana and joel the last lesson for their interview on Saturday they had their interview, and our district leader said that they are very prepared and we did a good job :) but it wasnt us, it was the spirit and they are just so ready to be baptized. after the interveiw they had us over for an asado!!!! haha it so awesome to see how this family is coming closer to christ, felipe passed the sacrament on Sunday and will probably baptize them. makes my heart so warm just thinking about it! they are wonderful and im so excited for their baptism this Saturday please keep them in your prayers!
so other than that, we havent been able to meet up with any of our news, but we taught 9 lessons to contacts this week! we met this one lady who believes in every religion! lol she believes in god, and in muhommad and buddha and pretty much anything you can think of and its pretty weird but whatevssss. in church on sunday we taught a lesson about the spirit and it was so good for joana and her mother irene. and uhmmmmm other than that not much happened! haha we got yelled at for being from the united states so that was fun. but all in all it was a good week!

we took a taxi from the terminal from rafaela to the church buildling there and the taxi driver asked where i was from, he thought i was from brasil! haha and then the other one just wouldnt believe that i was from the states. one other time during this week a contact thought i was latino lol. also, felipe said that i had really nice hair..for a pig. i dont know what that means but apparently thats a joke here. and then another hombre asked us "asi fresco no?" we said "si" he said "fresco limonada!" another joke i dont understand haha so here is a joke for all you spanish speakers out there!
"por que los lamanitas tienen la ropa arrugada?" "por que las nefitas tienen las planchas!" haha it translates to why did the lamanites have wrinkled clothes...because the nephites had the plates (iron) haha planchas is iron and plates so theres the joke!

spiritual! i did a study on hope this week during studying chapter 6 of pmg (Preach My Gospel). i read psalms 38:15. really what is hope. to me it is unconditional trust in god and in his son jesus christ. that through him we will be brought to eternal life and made clean through his sacrifice. hope is shown through confidence, optimism, enthusiams, and patient persistence. we must look past our current circumstances and look forward to our life after this one, where we will be with god and jesus christ and our families forever in happiness. we must continually press forward. (2 Ne 31:20) this is our hope. to have eternal life.

welp thats all is gots for this wekk. i hope all is well for yall at home i pray for you and thank you for all your support and prayers!! much love from the bottom of the world!

xoxoxo besitas!
Hermana Sanders

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