Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"slammed door #526" (June 9, 2014)

woo hoo made it through another week and i wasnt sick, only 1 spider bite on my knee, and my eczema is basically all gone! yay. the sun is shining, the air is clean (mostly) and i have a great comp! counting your blessings really do improve the shining moments! ;) baha
so this week. on tuesday night after pday we had a family night with the cauda family! the son is the one who was in prison and his parents are jyt (jorgelina y toto). well they live in a house (a one room brick house) and so really quick mom...he was in prison because get this, his daughter joanna, who is 14, was forced by her gma (not jorgelina) to lie and say that her dad molested her..the law here is that if youre accused youre put in jail, but hes out now and the gma is in trouble for that. he forgave joanna because hes like the best dad ever., anyways!! we had family njight with them, we played a game like pictionary which really helped me learned words in spanish which was cool, and then we taught the plan of salvation, and invited joanna and her brother joel to get baptized, they accepted so they have a date for the 21! but we'll change it because that is when argentina is playing in the world cup. but yeah theyre super excited. and then they fed us dinner, chicken and we made them chocolate cake with oreos and dulce. they loved it. they also invited us over every friday for lunch! they love us and we love them. such an awesome family and they have a goal to go to the temple!! so we go backon friday and they made an ASADO haha sooo good. we had, pork, chicken and beef, with chorizo, and cow stomach (one time they made us blood sausage....but thankfully not this time) and some other meat idk (i dont know). it was soooo good. haha so yeah they are pretty much the best.
hmm we finally got the list of the ward directory and so we have been trying to contact the menos activos and we met one who didnt shew us away! his name is jose, he left the church 6 years ago for no reason but now he is living together with a woman and they have an adorable daughter. they invited us over for whatever we need, whenever we need it but just not to like try to make them go to chruch, we can be amigos haha so we will be working on that. one of our investigators, eliana who is 17, has a date! weve been meeting with her for a few months but she really has progressed the last 2 weeks. we just need to get her to church but she said she would get baptized if she recieved an answer that the church is true. she doesnt want to change religions but if its true she will...so we just got to let her see that she has received an answer and yeah shes awesome and a typical teenager who is so obsessed with justin bieber. haha
on saturday night we were contacting and went to a M.A. (menos activos)house. we found him with his friends, totally drunk but they were very friendly...theyre super old like 80 and they had a girl there probably 40 ish but we went in and they were so funny. we spoke to them and got to know them. they asked us a bunch of questions and the lady was saying jesus is my companion, and things like that, we just smiled and said very good very good haha then we prayed and got out.
well other than that we just contacted, and got rejected...and rejected...and rejected. hma moberly said she has never had this many doors slammed before she could say anything before in her mission so it will get better, but really its all in the attitiude. so we have the attitude of as long as we do our part, their blood is not on our heads, and when they reject us, we brush the dust from off our feet as a testmony against them. hah! so i just pray that people start listening. they dont understand and are so set in their ways but its okay. we have our strong members and some good investigators so things will turn around eventually!! :)
so the food for this week. we talk about food alot while contacting and then we make it! hence the sopa de cosas.. etc...but this week we made hamburgers, a cake again and it turned out almost like a cake this time (weve tried like 5 times) and i learned how to make omelets, and we made swiss potataoes. these are so good. you boil a potatoe, then grate them and lightly put them into a pan that is slightly buttered. then you just turn the heat on low and let them cook up. when the bottom is browned you flipp it over and do the other side.. add salt, pepper, onions, cheese and some beef, whatever in it and eat it up. so good....
funny stories! so on thurs we were trying to take some pics duriong siesta. i tried getting to this one spot and there was a big dip in the grass so i jumped over it. i landed and then i slipped and fell flat on my face but i was fine and we got the pic. lol then yesterday we were contacting with the senior sister and she is crazy but so funny and awesome! we walked by this one guy who was washing his car to some music, hermana hohermuth starts dancing haha and says to him "can we dance with you" moberly and i just keep walking haha he doesnt answer and we all just laugh! then just today when we were on a run, we run past some guys who whistled at us so we ran a little faster, then a dog comes and starts to chase us and attacks me! but then we shew it away and literally 1 second after i trip and fall again right on my face! hahaha so embarrassing but i got up and kept running. just a lil blood nbd :) well that was my week. good families, funny menos activos, and falling. hah
oh! i finished the B.O.M. yesterday so i read the whole book in 1 month and 1 week! woohoo!
it is amazing how true the book is though, when you do read it front to back, you cannot help but know that it was written by god through profets. the plain and precious truths are so valuble and everyone must read it to know for themselves that this gospel is the only way to return and live with god forever. it is so important that we try the best to bring people to this truth. and you dont have to be on a misison to do so.
so my spiritual thought is this. moroni 9:25-26. i hope that when we go though hard times in our lives, we dont let the world get us down. life is hard, it wasnt meant to be easy, but we just have to look forward, and remember that we will be okay in the end..in fact we will be more than okay! we will be with god and our families, so whenever life is hard, or if it is a constant battle, just know and keep the hope that you will be lifted up in the end. endure trials well and you will be blessed!

soo thats all i got for the week
Hermana Sanders

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