Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"a few tears, and conquering fears" (July 21, 2014)

let me just start out by saying how thankful i am for god and for the spirit. as missionary we really are protected and guided! 
so i left my sunchales. i was able to say bye to the members and especially familia cauda!! oh how i love that family. its so awesome to have a relationship with them all!

and last pic with hermana moberly
familia cauda!

saying bye to memers
and then let me just start with the transfer. we had to leave sunchales at 4:00 in the morning. then i had to catch a another bus in rafaelato connect to esperanza. the zone leaders waited for me and helped me buy the tickets and all. so then i get on the bus to my new area.HAH. well, its an hour ride and after one hour and 15 minutes i was getting  a little worried. come to find out the bus wasnt going to the terminal in esperanza but going straight to the routa...idk("I don't know") what that means but it wasnt where i needed to go. so! the bus driver told me to get off at this random spot with all my stuff, at 6:30 in the morning, with no cell phone. he pointed to the dirrecion where the terminal is and said to turn at a random spot......so there i was left alone in a new area with all my stuff. i had no choice but to start walking and pray for a miracle. not going to lie maybe a few tears came down too. well i was looking for anything that was open and after about 20 minutes, i felt like i needed to go down a random street. so i did. there was a panaderia that was open so i went in and used their phone to call a remis (taxi). it came and got me and took me to the terminal.- which was a 15 minute drive. i even taught a little of the 1 lesson to the driver! gratefully i had some personal money that i could pay him. haha. well we finally got there and i met my new compy. hma carlson. she is great and very calm cool and collected. very different from moberly but she is great. i took a nap and then we studied. 


also guess what! this is the only area where we havebikes! hahahaha i dont ridebikes and im terrified of them right? well i knew i had no choice but to face my fear, say a little prayer and i learned how to ride again! i was so shaky at first but after riding in dirt roads, in the rain, in the mud, and with groceries and all, i think you could say im a pro. i literally pray the whole time im on it but i am protected and helped so much it is insane. in both these trials, i learned that really we have to put 100 percent of our trust in god. when we live worthily of his spirit, he will bless us in ways we cant imagine and when we are in a real bind, he will not leave us alone. even though i was really alone i felt his help and i knew i wasnt by myself. how crazy! but yeah i am so thankful for everything this week. so! whats up with esperanza!
we have a branch of about 25 members! we have family home evenings and english classes. the members feed us every thursdayfriday saturday and sunday for lunch! what a blessing. the people here are more prepared i feel and i know we are going to see miracles one way or another. we have to drop alot of investigators this week which will be really fun...not, but i know we will find new ones who will want to listen and grow their faith. hmm what else. the apt is really nice here but i didnt have a blanket ( i got one today) but i still dont have a pillow. but who needs pillows anyway haha. ive had to make a few repairs on the bike to make sure it is safe for me to ride but guess what, no one told me that all the money that is spent on bikes is personal so i cant get reembolsed for it....kind of really makes my annoyed but i didnt know. if i knew i wouldnt have done the repairs. or ridden it...its really not a smart system and imgoing to talk to president about the whole situation. so mom when you see ive taken out money, i took out alot just because it costseverytime i take out money. so yeah. right now money is really tight and i have to take our money to pay for a few trips but im going to talk to the financial guy in the office about it and get my reimbirsements. 
so funny!- it was a rough week but the other hmas in our area came over last night and we all had a sleepover and made brownies and watched legacy! haha and we still got to bed on time! haha
and spiritual- so bike story! my first night riding it we had to go to this one area in the middle of nowhere. i was shakey and really wasnttoo keen on riding a bike yet... we were on dirt roads in the complete dark. besides my companion all i could see were the stars above me and the road for about 20 feet in front of me. it was so dark. well thats like life isnt it! here we are going through life with nothing to guide us. the darkness is limiting and scary. its like we are trapped not being able to see what is in front of us. the lady we were trying to visit wasnt there so we had to turn back. riding back we could see the lights back to the city. and then we got back onto paved roads. when we are in the dark we are humbled and realize we cannot do and go through life without a guide like my comp was for me. and when we are humble we will be helped and delivered and make it back... (mosiah 29:19-20) well this week was an adventure and let me just say how grateful i am for all that has been given me in this past week. by being obedient to all the commandments and rules and living worthy of the spirt, we will be guided and helped thorugh whatever thing is thrown at us. always remember, god never gives us a challenge that we cannot overcome.  :)
and that is that for the week. i love you all much mucho mucho! 
hermana sanders

saying bye to tati, our friend who worked at the kisko we always went to for chocolate.
she gave me some for free when i said i was leaving 
opening cans the argentine way, with knives 

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