Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"eat, sleep, preach, repeat" (July 28, 2014)

about to go out in the coldddddd
so as the life of a missionary. haha well hmm where to start. so this week was just a little weird. im still getting used to this new area and the people but its good i love it here. the people are more receptive than those in sunchales but they are still very stubborn and not willing to do any commitments. its frustrating because we pray about every commitment and we know that what we ask people to do is what god whats for them. but hey everyone has their agency haha. that is one thing ive learned alot is that as a missionary i need to turn to the lord with everything and for everything. i am his servant and i really want to make sure that what i say and do is what he wants and asks of me to do. 
eating with the other hmas in esperanza at a members house

sooooo hmm. tuesday after district meeting (we only have to travel 1 hr to dis meeting instead of 2) hma wilde, a sister from the other companionship in esperanza,  and i went to rosario for tramites. we got there in safety not missing any busses and going where we were supposed to and all haha and we slept in the lovely mission home! it was lovely. in the morning we went to take care of our bizzznezzzz and all was well. i didnt need anyone to communicate to the people for me cause now i pretty much can understand todo of what the people are saying which is very helpful all thanks to the spirit. also they understand me which is a great blessing too haha. hmm so we got back and got back to our own comps and hma carlson and i just visited more people and taught a few lessons and tried to commit people to anything but as is the work here about 1 in 100 people do their commitments! hahahahahahaha ya. well i got a really bad headache again on thursday and got dizzy and in the morning i couldnt get out of bed so we couldnt work but in the evening we had a comp study with the zone leaders, i threw up, but we had appts. it took alot of energy but i knew we had to go out. we ended up teaching 2 really awesome lessons and we both feel they will progress. their names are mariana and gisela if you want to pray for them that would help mucho!! haha hmm what else. so i told president zanni about my transfer story in the email haha and last night he called us and asked all about it, he made it sound like he was going to get the zone leaders in trouble but he was just joking hahaha he was very grateful i made it haha and he sent me some money for reembolsos! what a good guy. haha we all lovveeeee this new president! he lets us take out the phone now so we can communicate and be more effective with the members. and he changed a few key indicators to make the work smoother less stressful and effective. he really is inspired and im so excited to see the fruits of these changes. well nothing much else happened this week but im continuing to be humbled every day and trust in the lord more and more. i want to end every day saying i gave my best and there isnt one way i couldve worked harder! also 

HAPPYYY BBIIRRTTHHHDDDAAYYYY MMOOOMMMMYYYYY i didnt forget! i was going to wish you it last week but i ran out of time. i felt awful and i hope you felt that i was thinking about you and sending my love telekinetically...(sp?) pues, i love you and i hope all you dreams come true!!
so funny stories.................................... we got chased by dogs on our bikes this week and i stumbled and almost fell in to the mud but thankfully the owner came out and yelled at them to leave...woohoo
spiritual! so yesterday we fasted to try to get more ideas on how to improve this area. well i was really tired during studies and to stop falling asleep i decided to find like, "liken the scripture" passages, and i drew pictures and everything. so! here we go. 
1 nephi 18:2. here we read how nephi, after he built his ship he is telling us that "he did build it after the manner which the lord had shown unto him" i paused and thought..."what ships do we build in our lives" haha claro. some could be our houses, our friendships, our relationships with others..stuff of that sort. we should build our "ships" in the way of the lord. have the gospel be the woodwork, and faith be our sails. and have christ be the wheel to steer the ship wherever he needs it to go. build our ship with strong tools, with charity, love, and diligence, being obedient always. and when we do this, any time a storm comes to tear us down, we will be strong and able to withstand all storms and waves that we encounter!!
hahah well i hope you enjoyed that :)
thats all i got for this week! much love and im grateful for all you! praying for yall everynight! 
hermana sanders
dad! i love it. i hopè you can fix it and have a proper welcome for al hahahaha crazy to hear someone died though. wear lots of rubber. haha we had a really bad storm here and it was sad seeing all the houses after it, we have a lot of poor eara and its sad. but it makes me so grateful for what we have in the states holy heckl. haha love you and keep up the good work!
mom!!!! crazy story i dont think we have missionaries in that area (San Carlos Centro) yet but i hope i can go still how cool would that be! also thank you for donating the money to my mission fund! im grateful for all the sacrifices you are making for me! tell all the show choir mommys i say hi and i love them! yeah so hma nelson is in a zone nearby me and at a conference we met eachother, she asked where i was from and one thing led to another and bam! hannah trained her! haha the new pres is super cool with that so any music is good<! some people even have pentatonix christmas on it which is awesome!!! and rascal flatts. so idk just uplifting. also you can send cds in letters if you want like, they would be a wonderful little gift hahaha just an idea ;) what a blessing for ally and aaron and tell me what you think about al when he comes. he emailed me and i think hes really cool. it makes me so happy to hear about what a little missionary kaiten is. and the others too. how wonderful!!! also tell her props from me! so excited to get your letter! i sent one to you and dad and hopefully it gets there...well see.


chao <3

a member who wont take a pic haha
my gospel principles board! oh i dont think i told you guys, i am in charge of teaching gospel principles every week, hma carlson teaches Sunday school and the other hermanas teach primary, we have a church building and on this last sunday we had 32 members!! what a blessing it is to have a place to meet in every week. haha

In this last part of the email, Jessica said a few things to me and Jeff. In the "Dad" section Jeff is working on our pool trying fix a couple of things and he told her about the young man that died as a result of the freak lightning strikes at Venice Beach. In the "mom" section, she is referring to some family history that my Aunt Marta told me about after receiving last weeks email. I told her that in this new area (Esperanza) she is close to where her great great grandmother was born(San Carlos Centro). And if she could go there she could go the cemetary and see if she can see there burial sites and possibly fine more family members. She then says "hi" to the show choir moms that ask about her. Then she met a missionary, Sister Neilson, who was companions with her friend Hannah Smith who is serving in Colorado. Sister Neilson was there waiting for her visa to Argentina. Small world! Then I wanted to ask her if this new mission president changed the rules on what music they can listen to before I send her some cds. The blessing she is referring to for Allyson and Aaron is that he got a job in his field while he is attending law school. And yesterday in church, Kaiten Baldwin gave a great talk in church and is sharing the gospel with a lot of her friends.
Thanks to all of you for your thoughts prayers on her behalf,

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