Monday, July 7, 2014

"We are bold, and bold is we, take no from nobody" (July 7, 2014)

this week we made up songs to pop songs but made them missionary. we've done one to justin bieber,"boyfriend" and this subject line is our version of "we cant stop" by miley cyrus. :) were getting really good and will try to do one to "thriftshop" but have the rap be in spanish! wee!!!
so after futbol with the elders on monday we were so sore!!! we could barely walk the next day and hermana mobes was really hurting. we were contacting and this lady told us to come back at 7. we came back to find out that is when she started work...haha. that describes our luck with contacting this week. on saturday everyone was watching the partido and didnt even come to the door. haha yay. well on wednesday moberly and i had a good lesson with an investigator family but right when we left their house we felt sick, we went home, mobes threw up and i had a migraine, and couldnt stand because i was dizzy. this lasted the rest of the day. on thursday we woke up with fevers, hermana hohermuth came over and made us soup! she is literally so wonderful i love her so much! well after that we slept and studied, and felt well enough to go out in the night. we visited with the caudas and had a lesson about the sabbath day with joana. she said she wouldnt be able to make it this sundaybecause of a soccer game, and that felipe wouldnt come because he had work. well sunday came along and guess who was there?? the whole family. they are growing and becoming stronger every week and it is so great to see how strong and true it is that the gospel unites families and brings them closer. 
well on friday we met with a lady we contacted last week.her name is sylvana and turns out she had met with the missionaries for 3 years before they got pulled out 7 years ago. she has gone to baptisms and loves coming to church and now that she has contact with us she will start coming. lets hope she is more prepared now! 
the rest of the week was coldy and rainy and sad haha we were sick and all, but on saturday night we were about to go home early cuz of sicknes but we decided to visit this one lady ivana and invite her to church. we go and end up meeting with her younger daughter. we have a wonderful lesson on the plan of salvation and she asked many questions. we spoke about baptism but didnt invite her yet. she will come to church next sunday hopefully. she wants to find a religion for her baby and really she is great. so pray for her! her name is diana and is great. well other than that, nothing too spectacular happened.
the world cup is really kicking up especially since argentina won again! woohoo!!! our neighbors had a party so when we were sick we peaked through the window to watch them...haha were so creepy. we probably wont be able to go out for the day of the game because doing so would be so ineffective and maybe peligroso...haha idk
so funny!!!
 so after the argentines win a game they go in their cars and drive in the center and honk and yell and all. we live in the center and after the argentines won on saturday i think the cars honked for a good 1 hr and 5 min!!!! aaaahhhhhh and then there were these two old men on bikes...two separate occasions and they were staring at us, we said chao and they like mumbled and said something we didnt understand haha...typical here. when we walk around, men randomly whisper "Hermosa" to us..its creepy and we just walk emotionless until they cant see or hear us and we start to laugh. well yeah this week was just sickness and the game. nada mas.
so spiritual!!
this week in church we were taught about the fast. we know when we fast we dont eat or drink as a sacrifice and such, and pay fast offerings for those who dont have much. read helaman 3:35. fasting is also a way to show our faith and love for the savior. when we fast we humbly and prayerfully submit ourselves to the lord and ask him to help us out with specific things. fasting may seem like a sacrifice but when you look at all the blessings, it really is just another blessing the lord gives us. we have the oppurtunity to be even closer with the lord every month. it is also a sign of obedience to god. and when we are obedient we are blessed as well. we should constantly be grateful for the lord and his sacrifice and for all the oppurtunities we have to serve him. i like this from pmg (Preach My Gospel". "humility is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of spiritual strength." we can have complete confidence in Him. and i hope we can all work on being a little more humble and giving more thanks to Him for everything because really we have nothing, we are nothing without him. also look up job 11:16. so good

well i love you all and i hope all is well at the homefront. 
hermana sanders

mom, chorizo sandwiches are called choripan. how cool for the piwos! i love them, tell em i say heyyy. and dang what the heck with al!! they are so cute, when you meet them tell me how he is for real. haha but they look so happy together its disgusting hahahaha well yeah i love you mucho! also batteries for the package, AAA 
dad, no bug bites, and skin is great.  love you mucho
ally, hi, also im glad you are okay. just saying hi and i love youu
aaron, how cool, i will be praying for you and your speech to them. rock it !
emily, you are looking so happy it is ridiculous. i hope to hear from you next week but i gotta run 
family, send me some pics! and yeah i love ya'll mucho mucho mucho

little masitas 
bana bread mobes made...sooo gooodddddd
painted our nails
our outfits for july 4th...very discreet no? 
brushed our hair hahaha 
died mobes hair again this time darker 
mobes and i with karen. 
she is so cute!!

in rafaela for special pday. were here for the day and night, sleep with the sisters and on our way to santa fe to meet the new president! he seems awesome. we now have 1 and 1/2 hours on the comp so thats awesome. and hes really loving.- they are young and have 7 kids! they are also argentine haha

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