Wednesday, July 16, 2014

"Aguante los mormones"-chicos in a car after the game (July 15, 2014)

"Vamos Argentina" World Cup Day Final
so what a week...haha so this monday we had special pday with the zone! we saw a movie called "turbo" about racing snails haha and played futbol. i made about 3 goals and i think i could be a soccor star when i return haha jkjkjk. anyways that night we slept over at the sisters pension in rafaela and in the morning we all went to santa fe to meet the new presidente!! woohoooo!!!! he is only 43 and him and his wife have 7 kids! they are very young and energetic and will be very awesome. they give us 1 and a half hours for emailing!! and guess what....because argentina made finals, they gave us permision to WATCH THE GAME aaaahhhhhhhhhhh. so i got to watch the world cup with the family cauda! it was so fun. but before i get to that, after the trip to santa fe we worked in sunchales wed, and thurs and then we had divisions with the stls ("sister trainer leaders")! i stayed here (in Sunchales) and hermana boren came. we worked and man there were so many miracles! i learned that i know more spanish than i thought and also that when i rely on the spirit, MIRACLES WILL HAPPEN. first we had a lesson with sylvana WITH A MEMEBR the first time since ive been here! and after that we were going to see this other family but i had the feeling we should visit this other girl eliana. we went and had an amazing lesson with her and she really seems like she will start to progress! then after we had the feeling to visit jyt (Jorgelina y Toto). i havent seen them for about 1 month now and for some reason moberly and i felt that we needed to go back we werent sure when.

Divisiones with Hermana Boren
this night i just had the impression that we needed to go so we did. no lesson plan nada. i just told them straight up that the only reason we were in their house again was because their family wants them to be baptized. i said a few other things that i was really prompted to say by the spirit. they were silent and j(Jorgelina) said that earlier that day she had burned all her cigarettes....WHAT A MIRACLE OF TIMING. she wants a blessing to help with the temptacion. so we will see what happens. they are so special and i just hope they get things figured out. but yeah, hermana boren left, hma hohermuth and i were companions while i waited for moberly to return Saturday afternoon. then Sunday we tried to bring people to church but no one was home and yeah. but again it was us, the family of president quintana, and the family cauda! we may have 2 familes but they are solid. i love them so much! but yeah. so! after church we studied and then went to watch the game with the caudas!!!!!!!!! we brought our argentina shirts from the ccm and put them over our skirts! haha they were all wearing their messi jerseys. well we watched the game, ate cake, and cookies and then we lost. after germany scored joel did the catholic cross thingy haha and the youngest bautista was crying, joana was on her phone, felipe slammed the flag pole he was holding on the table and irene just covered her eyes. i got teary eyed and moberly just yelled. so sad but the game ended and they drove us home. the people here were nice and were still festijando! partying haha so thats good. we are sad we didnt get 1st but are very thankful for how far we came. and now im commited to watching the mundial every time! it is so fun!! haha yesterday we had day of cleaning haha every new transfer we clean and then have pday on Tuesday and for transfers we usually find out today but if someone is training they found out last we got the call last night and hma moberly is training again!!!! haha how crazy! but she will do fantastic again! 

Onward ever onward...It's a girl!! (Moberly is Jessica's "mother" because she trained her)
so that means i go and my new area is esperanza! with another american named hermana carlson! want to know something cool? ITS IN THE SAME ZONE hhaha so im still going to have zone meeting with moberly!!!! such a blessing! and i already know carlson and it is going to be an awesome tranfer!! im excited its just annoying having to pack haha so that was my week. a few miracles and blessings and surprises.
funny¨¨ the only thing i got is this. on our way to santa fe, the elders in our district were listening to there ipod. they listened to "sons of provo" and asked us, what does "diddly wack mack mormon daddy" mean. hahaha we just said es una sabemos. lol also for work out this morning we danced to efy. best. workout. ever.

My District in Sunchales
spiritual¨¨in between divisions on satuday when hermana boren left and we were waiting for hermana moberly, so hermana hohermuth and i left to visit some menos activos. one was named carmen. she is super tall and buff. shaved head with a bunch of earrings and tattoos of bugs and frogs. haha she has a talking parrot and it was funny hearing it speak in spanish haha but anyways, shes been inactive for 7 years or so and we are just trying to get her back. we are really good friends. so in this visit we read mosiah 4. i love this chapter so much! even though it speaks about alot of things we wanted to focus on repentence and persevering to the end. after we read the chapter i had her read again verses 6 and 7, and 9-12. i love these verses because it is infinitly true. we are 100 percent indebted to god and jesucristo. because of jesus christ we are able to have salvation. but once we do repent and exercise our faith in him we have to endure to the end and continue to repent daily, more than once a day haha but really. it is important to always remember him in our lives, and serve him for all our lives. these are they who get salvation. it has taken me until a little before my mssion to realize that and to always repent sincerely. i know that when we do these things we can walk through life knowing we are clean and with our trust in god and his son, we are able to endure everything.

Carrying the piano to church
james bond
us and the district leader
Gracias por todo Hermana!!
"Finished with training!!!
Killed scorpion with broom
Biggest, fastest scorpion del mundo

My Zone
well i love you all ssoooooo much! things are cool here and thank goodness the mundial is over and the real work can start! im done training and i can totally understand everyone and respond. and i am happy. on to esperanza where i hope i can help give more hope to the people there. (esperanza means hope) well, have fun at home and all. i love youzzz

chao y con amor
hermana sanders xoxoxo
cuidense and i love yall

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