Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"Chasing people to come to church, cuz thatz juz how we role" (August 22, 2014)

perty flowerzzz 
i feel like every week is a crazy week now. haha
oh and SHOUT OOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so i got sick again. id been battling a really bad allergy season for the past 2 weeks and finally it got a hold of me and i was super sick with fever and all on tuesday. this time i refused to go to the hosptial so we went to the clinic which is much nicer because you have to pay for it. haha well i got my meds and slept that day and then on wednesday i was 100% better. such a blessing.now im just a little stuffy. and mom no se preocupe, ive been using my meds every day and using the cell salts to try to stop it but i needed other stronger stuff i guess. my first battle with the argentine spring time was brutal but with lots of prayer and meds i fought through haha
well jose......HE QUIT SMOKING COMPLETELY what a miracle. on wednesday we had a lesson with him about temples and family history. (we have to teach all 5 lessons before baptism) and at the end he said, i have something i want to give you. he took out his last pack of cigs that had like 10 left, took one cig and placed it behind his ear and said, this is for you. so after we rode around the corner and smashed up thise things haha. today he is going to humboldt where his family lives and asked if we could give him a b.o.m. to give to his family. so yeah he is awesome and is really getting converted and wants to go to the temple!
lucila! she is such a frustrating girl but i love her...so she reads and summarizes the chapter we give her and lets us read for understaning haha so cute. she always has a bunch of questions. one wed we had noche de hogar and she came! so did a bunch of people, she loves the church and the people and says it is the first church shes felt comfortable in. but she still wont accept a date for baptism. ugh but whatever she is still awesome and reading and comes to church.
a pretty race track for horses 
before noche de hogar the sister of the new 1 counseler came to go on spilts with us. she borrowed a sisters bike and we rode all around with her. she is a return missionary from brasil and has just been home from her mission for 1 year. she is amazing! and we get along so well. it was super fun and allllll yeah haha and then the normal work day to day blah blah blah. then saturday! so pres came to interview our inv right? well first he came to talk to us and all and we taught him what we had studied that morning. he is amazing and has so many awesome insights. well maria comes in and we all sit down together we talk about her doubts and everything and invites her to baptism and she still was so hesitant. well by the end of an hour we had persuaded her to pray about it tonight and follow through with the answer she receives. on sunday we checked up on her prayer and she said that she didnt receive her answer, in fact she felt frustrated and nervous when praying, like dark. i shared with her that when i was first deciding to serve my mission, a life changing and huge step, i thought about it and at first felt so awful, like not at peace, and anxious, and i thought maybe i really shouldnt, but that feeling got stronger and stronger. i then decided, well i know for a fact that god will be happy with me if a serve this mission so im just gonna do it anyways. the moment i decided this i felt an immediate feeling of peace, and i felt gods love for me, and i then promised her that the same thing will happen. baptism is a commandment from god and there is no doubt then when we complete the commandments he is happy with us. this feeling is hard to describe but im pretty sure its the spirit telling us that if we dont do this we wont reach salvation. so i hope she thinks about that a little more :)
taco night
anyways! saturday night we had a night of tacos and we made them in the capilla for a rama activity. so fun, lucila came. haha argentines cannot handle the tiniest piece of spice. we made two types, spicy and mild, they tried the spicy and just said "pica pica pica" over and over it was so funny haha i love them. so yeah thats probably the most notable activities that we had, oh! an investigadora got separated but its good because they werent married and now she can get baptized haha
hmm sooooo funny!
sunday morning we rode by this inv house and invited him to church, he said he would come. so were in the third hour and its during the sacrament right? hma carlson sees him walk right past the church looking for it but just missing it, so after the water, we left the church, and literally ran after to find him. we jogged about 2 blocks and around to look for him but he had already left. we even peeked inside the other church around the corner but he wasnt in there. ah! but ya. also earlier in the week we were eating an alfejor when hma carlson said, hma i think we are breaking the word of wisdom by eating too much chocolate. i laughed but shes serious sooo there goes my chocolate priveleges haha jk its okay.
the 4 hermanas de esperanza
this morning i did a study on humility. ive decided that in order to reach the potential that god has given us we have to be humble to let him mold us into the people he has planned for us to be. after i read in helamn 3:35 about this people that are doing well in the eyes of god. in the verse in spanish it says that they became "mas y mas fuerte en su humildad" it means became stronger in ther humilty, and then i thought stronger in their humility? thats kind of confusing, but then the scripture alma 26:12 came to mind, where alma say, as to my strength i am weak, and something like, therefore i boast not boast of my strength but of the strength that god has given me. so basically being stronger in our humility to me, just means to always give thanks to god, and recognize that your talents, and everything that is given to us is of god. woohoo!

welp thats it for the week. hope all is well in the good old states. love you all!

hermana sanders III

dad. this week as in yesterday we were listening to the mo tab music and i heard the organ and thought of you and i started to cry, i guess this might mean that i miss you and how you play the piano every sunday morning. 

the district


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