Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"In Maple We Trust" (September 8, 2014)

the subject is one thing we saw on a tshirt the other day...its really fun seeing what is on peoples shirts when they dont even understand it...one time we saw a shirt that had a city scape and it said "new years city" hahaha
so this week....literally it seems like a blur and ive forgotten a lot of things, but we do have 5 people with baptismal dates! we found and programmed 4 awesome news! the members have been working with us alot! its been really awesome and weve seeen so many miraceles!
so! hmm
our inv. jose! is still progressing. we had more lessons in the capilla and he is down to 3 cigs now a day....everything was awesome and then sunday comes along. he doesnt come to church so his date dropped. ugh! we came to see him after and his work was loco again, and now he wants to get back together with his seƱora and he wants her to get baptized too! he has a testiomony on the restoration which is really awesome! so we set another date more in the future...so we will move forward as always.
lucila. what a freaken miracle rollercoaster child! this week, we had lessons with members. she progressed and is reading again. also she asked us to come with her to church! like duh of course! haha so she came. i taught the class on the life of christ. she was very emotional about the atonement. she really is an amazing girl! we still havent re invited her to baptism and are trying to but the spirit keeps saying no, so we will be patient. everything in the lords time and in his way right?

had noche de hogar with a menos activa familia! 
going to contact people and have lessons with rogelio
we had more lessons and more miracles but i dont have much time to elaborate. but we had many lessons. didnt reach our goal but we have another week to do so!
oh! we were teaching a guy named shnell and his 2 friends were there we were teaching the ldm. the friends started to attack the book of mormon saying what everyone says that the bible is perfect blah blah blah and asking us by what authority we had to teach and preach. so i took out my ministerial certificate (i felt like a police man showing my badge) and they read it. in the end it says "we exhort you to listen" so after they did. we ended up testifying and following the spirit in this and gave them a book of mormon. it is so powerful this responsibilidad and calling that we have as missionaries to teach what we know. even though we are young and dont know that much, we can have powerful testimonies and we have desires to serve and love for these people, and these things qualify us for the work of salvation.
so que mas, funny!
the tshirts. also hermana carlson has showed me her talent. she makes really good fart noises with her mouth haha so while we are riding bikes she does it all the time. haha oh and last night we had a sleepover with the other sisters, so she showed them that too and then we all started to do our personal prayers...right when we started, hma carlson farts for real we all started to laugh and cry so hard hahaha
spiritual. this will be short but yeah! i studied reverence today and im very glad i did. we are all told to have a reverent attitute about things right? well ive always known like to be quiet to feel the spirit or something but there is more to it.
celebrating hma wilde y carlsons cumple mes!
when we have a reverent countanence we show our respect and love for the things of god. it is to be modest and humble and meek. long suffering in all things. but also when we are reverent we receive blessings! like all things spiritual. we feel the spirit and are more able to receive answers personal or family. also our minds will be clear and we will be able to think better and make righteous decisions! how awesome is that! dyc 63:64. be careful when speaking about sacred things. everything is a gift from god and we need to respect it out of love for him and his commandments. yeaaahhhh buddy.
well thats what i got for this week! oh! i completely forgot! we had a mission conference in santa fe! so fun and we learned so much! after all the missionaries when the mcdonalds. it was 68 pesos for 24 chicken nuggets bites and fries and a mcflurrey...soooo worth it. ive never been so happy over fast food. haha oh and it rained and we had to bike in the mud which was fun! well now that all it!
hope yall have a wonderful week! love you all!

hermana sanders

dad. im sad it is so hot ever there but we didnt even get a real winter and it is already warming up...yikes everyone says its terrible here for summer
mom. i got your letters and the cd! you are safe to send me more! haha i love you and im glad everything is good we ended up not having a drop lesson so yeah thank goodness. pres told us to be insanely specific in our prayers and mom we have seen miracles little every day!. im so happy you went out (with the missionaries). sounds really interesting that guy but what a miracle that you got to go and that he attended you! my english is getting so bad isnt it. haha oops.tell mary (Rosebrock)i say hi!
i love you all so much and i hit my six month this friday. crazy how time flies no?

the animals of the week
the animals of the week
and my shadow! im so talented i
can ride in the dirt and take pictures!
hma moberly! now is an STL hahaha
eating at noemi and edguardo 
cooking empanadas in a kettle at the church hahaha

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