Monday, September 15, 2014

"lookin like a fool with milk in your bag" (September 15, 2014)

six months cake 
so ill explain the subject later.
this week was loco! no tengo mucho tiempo entonces voy a escribir un poco, lo siento pero tuvimos que hacer cosas por la zona y presidente.
so we got a call last week saying we changed zones. we are now in the santa fe norte zone which composes of 20 elders and us 4 sisters from esperanza. we are the biggest zone in the mission too haha our district is now just us 4 and one pair of elders in the city next to us called recreo. they are super crazy and fun so we are happy but its weird with so many this week!
it was crazy and stressful mainly just because no one was there for their appointments, it rained and we had divisiones. well jose and lucila didnt come to church...
jose wants to get back with his ex wife but she doesnt want to but yeah, hes down to 2 cigs per day so were almost there.lucila is getting really close to getting a fecha so we are really excited. we have an inv that is a klepto but is super awesome...and we got dropped by two others this week.
one thing cool though. we have an inv of 7 years. she pays tithing and all, well our stake pres told zanni about her and pres called us and asked if he could come and interview her! so this next saturday hes coming to interview her and come out with us to visit our inv. hes so awesome and is wanting to be really involved with the work. he asked permission from the 1st pres and we are going to have more leaders in the mission, he is going to call 8 stls, and 4 assistants. every zone leader will be a trainer as well, so he is changing a whole bunch of things but everything is going to enhance and refine the hole basis of missionary work. 
on divisiones con la hermana moberly
im so excited to be a mssionary here in this mssion in this time! it will be amazing. we had divisiones. i went to parana with hermana moberly and we were together for my 6 month! so fun. it was a nice time.
funny! we were riding one night in the a storm. we had just bought some food because we had none. the bag breaks and drops to the floor. we stop and pic it up, i put the bag of milk and yogurt in my bag haha and we tie the top of the pasta with a hair tie....and we rode for the rest of the night visiting people with milk in my bag...hahaha everything laughed especially cuz i was wearing my hood under my helmet...ive officially let go of how the people think of me here...its pretty wonderful. blah haha
biking in the rain with a broken bag of pasta.
"hmm are we in argentina or are we in argentina..."
a lot of members are having problems with rebellious teenagers. so ive shared mosiah 27 alot this week. it is my absolute favorite chapter. i dont have much to say but i want to testify of the strength of a parents prayer. the lord promises that he will answer our prayers when we pray with faith and obey the commandments. (verse 14) im so thankful for you guys and for your strong testimonies. i hope we can follow the example of alma the younger and be born again of the spirit. first by repenting and second by dedicating our lives to serve god and build up his kingdom. i love you all so much!

hermana sanders

Jessica paid 68 pesos for a combo with a Mcflurry and
was so excited to eat fast food. She said it was totally worth it. 
bus stop
a less actives son wearing the helmet haha
thuggin with benja 
 a pic of our pension...find the llamas

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