Wednesday, November 26, 2014

"Bugs." (November 24, 2014)

is there anything else to say about this week? 


anyways. so pergamino. its nice. my area is the center and center of everything. its smack dab center of the city and we have all the shopping, tourist sites and ya...completely different than my last areas. but its super pretty, definitly cooler, and we have a real church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my companion is of las vegas has 20 years and speaks almost perfectly. she took 4 years of spanish haha. im the senior comp again here cuz she just started in july 16 so is pretty new. is so awesome and fun and we get along great. the first few days i was a little stressed because of the new area and having to lead it, but also there were alot of things that need fixing here so i got some work cut out for me. so the apartment....
spider in the lovely apt here in pergamino....
im so lucky ive been in 2 nice apt so i am not going to complain too bad but....its infested by cockroaches, there is mold all over, and theres just all these intersting bugs everywhere. but yeah. since ive been here we are now in the process of looking for a new apt and hopefully will be able to move out soon. if not i am asking for 2 days to do a good cleaning because the hmas who lived here before did nothing it seems. its gross. so thats good....not haha
the ward. 56 people came to church. apparently we havent had ward council in years but this sunday we organized it and will have it thursday. theres ton of disunity but i think hma bowler and i will be able to really turn things around here. we are in the same ward as the zone leaders so together we can really help this barrio work.
as far as inv go we really just have 1 progressing right now. her name is joana and this week we programmed her. shes young and has many good questions. but we are going to just do a good sweep of inv and start really from scratch. its almost like a white wash even though bowler has been here for 2 transfers but its what this area needs. haha

we share the apt with 2 other girls. hna haynes from idaho (who was in esperanza with me for a little bit) and hna valencia from peru! so its fun. 
the girls haha
umm yeah. so we went to visit the patriarch. we were visiting and said a little background about me. i said how gma is from here and served a mission. the patriarch said, do you live in san fernando valley? i said yes, and he said is your grandparents names nydia and bill? i said yes. he said. gma and him were set apart as missionaries the same day and then later in 1980, him and his wife visited them and received their endowments and were sealed in the LA temple. they remembered of my mom haha so i just kind of cried a little becuase it was so special. they have a pic of them with my gma in their living room :) it was so special.!! 
the lombardes...friends of gma and gpa rasmussen :)
so funny. the hermanas found a huge bug of some kind and brought home. we named it pucameni like in the ldm. haha well then we had a foto shoot with it of course and yeah. we kept it but it died the next day. haha

the city of Pergamino!
spiritual. job 19:33-35 i think....i love these verses. i hope we can all be closer to our savior and depend on him. he is our redeemer and as long as we look to him in times of trouble, he will life us up so we can overcome all. 

i love you all. and hope you have a wonderful week!!!
hermana sanders

dad. i get fed 4 times a week. its fun having a ward but tons of work to do here. love ya
the secretary and his comp are visiting with monica. hna bowler will have tramites soon and we will arrange a time through them where i can come and visit her. its totally gonna happen within the next few days i think :) moberly is home.haha love you tons!

pucameni...pour mascot for the day. found it in the street haha it died the day after

saying bye to esperanza...
saying bye to shell

with rogelio....crazy old man hahaha gave me a hug 
when i left and he was crying haha pobre
bye to lucila 

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