Monday, November 3, 2014

"oauhfcrmluhrgls...." (November 3, 2014)

getting ready for the rain

so this week started out soo great. we taught wonderful lessons and found news monday. tuesday morning also was great but then after our district meeting, hermana fry started to feel super sick....she ended up throwing up and then the comp of the other hermanas was sick too, so hermana wilde and i just did spilts for the night. then wednesday we went to the hospital and stayed in the whole day because hma fry was super sickl :( then on thursday i got super sick. we went in the morning but had to come back early. then friday we were both on the better side of things but we started to go out, kinda shaky, then it started pouring we went inside for 10 minutes cuz it was a storm that was dangerous and then went to lunch, after lunch i threw up, we stayed in a little then left again cuz we had a cita but came back at 8. saturday we had a baptismal interview for an inv and then i ended up having bad pains in my ear so we went to the hospital, i had an ear infecction and inflamatory something or other...couldnt understand spanish medical terms. then stayed tried to work...i was feeling super weak and dizzy and all, with pains in my ear and head and stomach, hma fry still wasnt 100% but we needed to see patricia...the rc (recent convert). she wasnt answering any of our phone calls and she still needed to be confirmed (receive the gift of the Holy Ghost) btw...she moved and theres been a huge ordeal so it was really important that we saw her. haha anyways right after we bought my meds for the ear thing we were riding around just praying to see her. no more than 2 minutes we see her waiting on a corner for a taxi. we ride over and turns out she has a new number. we get the new number and talk to her for a little bit till the taxi came. so that was a miracle. we were wiped out after that and sat in a park for 5 minutes debating what to do. we got ice cream and returned to the apt and just rested cuz we were both super sick still..fry was getting better but i still was on a low. so sunday. wake up...rough. the night before it was thundering and lightning and all and we couldnt sleep too well. get up, still raining and super cold. get to church, not feeling well at all. but we get through it. in the 2nd hour PATRICIA CAME. she walked in the rain with her baby and all! aaahhhhhhh i was soo happy. so finally she got confirmed. i held it together until we got home, i threw up one more time and just studied for a bit and slept. woke up this morning feeling soo much better but yeah. that was our week.
hugeeeeeee pills for the ear thing 
funny...we kinda did nothing so there wasnt too much funny 
first of all, the secret to happiness in missionary work is work. and when you cant work because of stupid sickness, just try to keep your head up. dont get frustrated and just pray that you will get better ASAP cuz its not fun doing nothing all day. 
second of all. i just want to speak a little on patriarchial blessings. for those who dont know too well, patriarchal blessings are special blessings unique to each and every individual. basicaly they are given by men who have the priesthood (power and authority of god). they are inspired by god to give specific blessings and guidance to someone to help them in their life. they also answer 3 questions very simply. what is your identity as a child of god? what is your purpose in this life? and what is your destiny?. i invite all of you who have your blessings to read them again with these things in mind. pray before and after and ask for the guidance to find these answers. i know you will all find these answers and gain a better understanding of who you are and gods plan for you. i know god loves us and because of this love he gave us the ability to return to him. we have the gospel, we have blessings, and he gave us his son. jesus christ. only through him and his atonement, can we become who we need to be to return and live with god and our families forever. 
i love you all :)
keep healthy and keep happy #thumbsup
hermana sanders
our week...drinking mate cocida... 

...and chilling out with my awesome comp

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