Monday, November 10, 2014

"Lyfe Changing" (November 10,2014)

so this week we were 100% healthy. prayers get answered!!! haha but serioulsy its been a good week. 
we have a new inv named sole. she is 25 with a cute baby girl, a 7 old boy and her marido. shes together with him not married yet but have promise ring. anyways she is wonderful. super sweet and has accepted a baptismal date. we just need to get her married but she is great. this week we will have to drop maria
na :( annnnd hmmm we focusing on finding news and all the normmmmm. 
so the baptism was all going good until thursday. shnell decided he needed to stay in the church he was baptized in. but he said maybe in the future. he is so close we know one day he will get to it but for now its this. but we arent sad. the lord knows better than us and he has to wait longer. so its okay.
the brother of lucila is golden. he is so awesome and understands everything. this week we taught the sabbath day and he even showed the scripture in the bible we were going to show. we talked about our purpose in life as well. 
so we had divisions again! i went to parahna again with hma moberly and met the nurse of the mission. she just came in from washington and is amazing. 
other than that we just are doing to norm but the title "life changing" is in regards to a conferencie we had with pres zanni and his wife. basically after sharing what they learned in a leadership training thing, he went off and talked about many themes but i want to speak on one. 
he said this "como el hombre es, dios fue. y como dios es, el hombre puede llegar a ser." it means how man is, god was. and how god is, man can become. how awesome right? well if we want to reach our full potential as missionaries...or as children of god, we need to do everything he has commanded us to do, 100%. this means being exactly odedient. i read today in hebrews 12:6. god loves the disciplined, simply. and this means those who obey and are doing the things without complaining. its interesting that discipline and disciple are similar right? if we want to be true disciples of christ, we need to be disciplined. do the thing we are asked to do without complaining and doing them to the best of our ability. as we do this we will become true sons and daughters of god. 
another thing pres told us is that he learned 
us being us... 
everything from his mission. this is how he propsed to his wife. knocked on her door, and verified how she was, taught her that marriage was essential to salvacion then 
invited her to marry him. he said seguira las eseñanzas de la iglesia a se casara conmigo? she said. he promised blesing and said yo le promete que va a ser re feliz and blah blah blah. then he said you need to know for yourself that this marriage is true. will you pray to know that you should marry me? she said yes. then he made an appt. tomorrow at 7 i will come to see how your pray was. will you be here at that time, she said yes. he left. then the next day h came back and verified hahaha
anyways that was my week i love you all soo much!!
hermana sanders

in argentina they make their own houses on the side of the road haha

the sign says, dont trespass, danger of death. haha 

Sunday dinner, pasta and garlic bread!!

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