Thursday, November 20, 2014

"Goodbye Esperanza, hello Pergamino" (November 18, 2014)

yay! what a week as far as numbers go it was the best week of my mission so far but we all know numbers dont count. what does count is that we met so many new people and were able to speak to them about the gospel many times. 
saying bye to patricia...the homegirl and the recent convert. 

shnell is still coming along. he came to church and was wearing a white shirt and tie. he just needs a litttle more time and then will shortly be ready to make these covenants everlasting with god. :)
saying bye to the marathon inv.

lucila and emmanuel. son buenisimos todavia! buuuut emmanuel is gonna move to a different barrio but we'll still be able to visit him. lucila wants to wait till the end of the year for her baptism but one day they both will make it and soon after, her family will make it. 
sole. she was on vacation this weekend so the first time we saw her was yesterday. we taught the ten commandments with chasity. it was a nice lesson and she understands that she needs to get married in order to baptize herself*-.
other than that we just found a ton of news and it is amazing how the spirit guides us in the way.
so other than that, im getting transferred. im going to a place called Pergamino in the south of the mission. its in the provincia of buenos aires! so im super excited. i know my zone liders and theyre awesome so im stoked. 
when hma moberly left she called me on the phone and said bye. i really will miss having her here especially cuz shes such a good example to me but its all good. crazy though shes going home and then next transfer hna carlson will go home. and then its just me and all my compysss. its all good.
soo yeah that was my week. i love hna fry and am sad i will be leaving her but i know ive done all i couldve done here and im excited to go where the lord needs me.
:) yay

me with a bunch of little lambs haha 
so funny story!
not really funny story but yeah. so argentines have 3 ways to cut grass- 1. the rich people have small lawn mowers that are plugged in. 2. weed whackers. 3. machete. the third being the most common.
also we were in a lesson and the guy come up to saludarnos and goes in for the kiss (they greet people with a kiss on the cheek here) so we did the whole, lean way back stick out the arm a mile out and say no! and then the guy we were teaching jumps in and says. "you cant kiss them, theyre holy"                                                                                    people here think we are holy. hah! now spiritual!
i was studying in the" true to the faith" that i got from the parents and decided to study the part about adversity. many people here go through tons of adversity it is hard to imagine how they must feel. but we always explain that god gives us these challenges to test us and make us stronger. that he has a unique plan for everyone but through everything he is right by our side but we just have to reach back for him. he loves us and everything we go through is for our benefit in the looooong run. read in dyc 122. a short section but very comforting. i love you all and god loves all of us. we can feel this love that he has for us and for others if we just humble ourselves, repent and ask in prayer. 
well thats it. excited to start this new adventure! love ya all!!!!!!!
hermana sanders
bye to maria. she bought us matching hats as a goodbye
gift to me and hna fry just for fun. love her so much!

ps. pergamino has a ward and it will be my first ward in my mission!!!!
dad. so glad you are doing so much service. cool thing. i did some family looking this week. like looked at tree and ive decided im so doing it when i have more time! keep on serving. im great, the work is coming, and no baptisms this week haha
mom, glad you enjoyed my thought last week. hows your studies on pmg. i read in chp 9 the seccion about member missionary work this week. i suggest you study it. its awesome! and allyson had to walk 5 miles...pobresita.....hahahahaha im gonna be walking again. the bikes were such a blessing and now i can ride without handle bars. thats what happens when you spend 6 hours on bike at least.  sorry about aarons gpa... love you all so much!
un beso grande!

last lunch with hermana susana!
on a road to nowhereeeee
bye to the capilla here in esperanza! 
the relief society room
sacrament room 
the primary!
  last pic with the district!

*publisher's note: I copy and paste Jessica's emails just as she has written them, as poor as the spelling and grammar may be, because it's more authentic that way. You get to observe just how immersed a missionary becomes in the language and culture, as well as how little "free" time they have. They often don't' have the time to worry about spelling and grammar... they figure their family and friends will get the gist. ... and we do. ;) For this particular typo, however, I feel compelled to clarify: We do not believe that one can baptize one's self. This is just a perfect example of the Spanish grammar bleeding into English. I'm pretty sure Jessica just meant to say, "in order to be baptized." 

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