Thursday, July 16, 2015

(July 13, 2015)

okay welllll this week was mas o menos!! i got sick!ª go figure. it was like a cold but super bad. the humidity affected my lungs pretty bad. i couldnt breathe well and had the cough from hell. so we mainly stayed in the apart because it was so cold and every time i left it got worse!
Jessica and Valencia with Martin family
for Family Home Evening.
but when i did go out it was great! i freaking love the members here. there is this one family , the martins. theyre converted like 10 years ago i think the have 5 kids from 17 years to 5. anyway they are like our family here in venado tuerto! but seriously every family seems to be so great! the martins brought lunch to the apart on Saturday becuase i couldnt leave! so sweet! we had a family home evening with them on monday. hna valencia shared a story about a girl who went inactive and when she came back had to deal with her consequences. how hard it was to come back but also the strength she received as she did come back! it touched every ones hearts and we were all crying. but after we played the funnest game and i suggest everyone play this in one family home evening. its called the tower. so you have a plastic bottle, could be like a normal sized water bottle. and a box of matches, or even toothpicks. you have to lay them on the bottle and build your tower but if you place a stick and it falls, someone has to draw on your face with lipstic! hahaha i have pics. its so fun. 
we mostly met with less actives and spoke about the importance of the sabbath day so thats good! oh! hha so rememebr how i was in pergamino? well now the sister training leaders are there. we had divisions on Thursday and valencia and i had to go there. hahah i was so nervous about the cckroaches but it was like a whole new apart. so clean luckily! i was with the nurse of the mission who is so great and we went and visited some more less actives but then we had dinner with one of the families i knew...they remembered me and were very happy to see me! they said they were sad when i left! haha it made me feel alot better. 

1. Sign from Pergamino STL's "Hi beautiful...make me milk!"2. Friendly prank from Pergamino STL's3. Hna. Valencia, Pergamino STL's, and Jessica
okay spiritual!!! i want to talk about prayer! here is something i wrote during studies. we have a grand divine potencial as children of God. as his sons and daughters, he will never leave us to be lonely. he will always be there to give us guidance, comfort, and love. he will answer our prayers and administer to our needs if they are righteous. okay and here are some scriptures. dyc 8:10. dyc 19:28. pray vocally! it might feel weird at first but after you start, you will rally feel as if you are having a conversation with our father in heaven.
IM HEALTHY NOW so this week ill have more things to write hahaha just know hna valencia is the best cook of my life haha except for you mom. ;) and i will have many funny videos to put on facebook when i get home. haha okay love you with all my heart everyone. keep in touch! 
loveeeeee hna sanders 2.0

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