Monday, July 6, 2015

"say shama shama. (Se llama llama???)" (July 6, 2015)

Jessica and Hermana V. at their apartment in Venado Tuerto
the subject is in reference to me talking about llamas. hahaha
WHAT A WEEK. my goodness. soooo for 
ya´ll who dont know, i was on my way to newport to visit a friend on wednesday when i get a call from my dad saying i needed to turn around because they called and said i could go back to the mission and my president wanted mye to leave that in shock, i turned around came home packed and then left thursday morning! sooooo
here i am! after like 30 hours or so of travel i made it to rosario and was able to visit my aunt monica who lives right close to the mission home! we spoke and she ordered pizzas and so we stayed for dinner! 
Jessica and cousin Monica...finally we got to meet!
it was so nice. when i finally arrived in my area the next day (saturday) we went to a members house for an asado and ice cream!!!! then we had to return to the apartment at 5. there was a big game for argentine soccer and pres. zanni didnt want to hermanas outside, so i had a nice long time to unpack!! while i was unpacking i discovered i forgot sheets and tights for the cold! hahaha so im going to having to buy sheet (15 dollars) and tights which shouldnt be too expensive. but i guess this is what happens when you have to pack like a mad woman! haha ah whatever. sooooo
sunday!! we have the best branch of 70 people. really it shouldbe a ward but the stake is just a district so it cant be a ward. haha but its so fun! the members are so funny and welcoming. thankfully my spanish is coming back super light speed fast! it helps having a latina companion and all we speak is spanish! i already think in spanish again! im getting lots of help. (cue pointer finger signaling upwards with smirk) haha
in terms of investigators...we have about 0. haha but were going to find them! 
the mission is very different but it runs more smoothly and i see why he changed so many things i freaking love it! welllll it was a mildly short week
oh! so the memebers feed us everyday here hahahso im gonna get fat. but we only bought healthy foods and i havent had one piece of chocolate yet! i know that once i have one itll be harder to resist hahaha
okay so funny moment ! my subject hna (Hermana/sister) valencia and i were talking about animal...practivcing spanish, and i said llama (shama) thats how its pronounced. she laughed at me and i said what? its called llama right? but it spanish it sounded like K? se shama shama verdad?  and we laughed so hard just because it sounded hilarious! so now its a joke. i freaking love this area, and my companion and the memebrs here its insane! in terms of spiritual things here is just a thought.
we cannot do and live this life alone. yes we are strong but we need the savior to help us and to give us the strength to continue on. we cant do what is required of us. no way! without the help of the lord. so just remember that. we are weak but we are made strong in christ. we are nothing but with christ we are everything. i love you guys and im so happy and thankful im back here.
con mucho amor
hermana sanders 2.0
Oscar (friend of Monica), Monica, me, and Monica's son, Benjamin. 

with Hermana Valencia (from Peru) at my cousin Monica's house in Rosario

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