Tuesday, July 21, 2015

"Feliz dia del amigo" (July 20, 2015)

wow! this week flew by! its a good sign of now im finally getting used to being a missonary again! on monday after i wrote you guys, we had special pday with the zone. we just played games and took random pictures! i have some friends from my old zones here so its fun to see them again. well here to talk about an investiagtor! her name in mery, she is 15 years old and her family moved here from the dominican republic! she is an old inv butwe are trying to work with her again. her older sister just moved here to live with them and she has more potential than mery, shes 18 and has a little girl but the girl lives with her father in DR...were not sure of the full story but were going to talk about families and how the restortation blesses families! 
at church on sunday, it was branch conference and we had 71 people at church! alot of the less actives we visit made it! it was great! so basically we were working with a ton of less actives. but this week we are going to put a little more focus on finding people to teach because as of right now we only have 2 inv...and they are sisters which is great but we just need more people to teach and well, we know there are more poeple here who need the gospel!
one thing we are doing that is cool though is teaching 3 families the 5 lessons and helping them to be able to teach the new member lessons!
fun fact, in the winter, every person you visit as a missionary, either member or not, gives you hot chocolate...and let me tell you these argentines know how to make up some bomb hot chocolate!
well ffam bam thats about it for this week.
funny! hna valencia and i were the first to arrive for district meeting so we set up the room and put baby chairs for the elders to sit haha...also one of the games from pday was an egg toss, i was wearing my jeans and when it was my turn to catch the egg is cracked alllllll over my pants hahaha also idk if i said this last week but when we were visiting less active sisters...they are both like 100 years old, i was saying the closing prayer and i meant to say "por favor bendice a las que moran aqui con el espiritu" (bless those who live here with the spirit) but i said "bendice a las que mueran aqiu" which means bless those who die here....hahahahahaaha que verguenza but they didnt hear because theyre so old haha but i died and so did my comp!
the hnas are my comp, form peru, the dark taller one is from brazil
and the other one is from chile! haha so cool i love being the only yankee lol
spiritual! today i studied alot about the plan of salvation. first of all i know that we truly did have a close relationship with our heavenly father in the pre mortal existance. we spoke with him, hung out with him, and laughed with him just as we do with our earthly father. because he loves us he sent us here to gain experience and to mature into who he needs us to be. while we are here though we have our agency or ability to choose for ourselves, good or evil. in the end, we are going to answer for our own lives and our own sins that havent been taken care of. all im suggesting is that we choose today the path that God wants for us. there are two choices, 100 percent obedience, or not. we cant return to live with him if it isnt 100 percent. so put 100 percent of yourslef in the gospel. dedicate your self to him so you can return to him. 2 Nephi 2: 22-28
LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. congrats on joe for getting married!! so exciting. also can someone please tell me where rachel is going for her mission?? thanks
me! hna sandersszz

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