Tuesday, July 28, 2015

"The quest for Oreos" (July 28, 2015)

yay for anohter week here in the opposite end of the world althought seriously it doenst see, like im so far away...weird. haha well this week we began to see sparks of success! we werent able to see mery (the inv from the dominacan republic) but we did contact some referencias that were great and we did find some new families to teach!
first, family oviedo. a reference from a 15 year old member. her boy toy and family. we just contacted them but idk, i think theres alotof prmise. 
while we were looking for an old inv, we found a lady named cintia and her two sons. theyre evangelistas buttttttt when we talked about the restoration she looked at us like ¨man, i knew this already" it was so cool! 
and finally, we were looking for an inactive member, and when we knocked on the door, a girl answered, i started by saying, is there an eva that lives here, and she responded to me in english and said no she hasnt lived here since february! and we started to speak in english, she invited us in and we got to know her a bit. we taught a bit about how god is real and he knows her and loves her (she grew up catholic but did everything because of obligation) and she said she always knew god and had a realtionship with him but never had the time to research religion. we said well thats why we were led to your door, to help you research and find the truth. so we have an appt with her this thursday. her name in gisela!
well other than that we did alot of teaching to less active, capacitando familias to teach the lessons, and looking for our inv but not being able to find them. haha! mas que eso, no mucho.
oh!!!!!! wait. on tuesday we had an activity for all the hermanas! we had a lesson from hna zanni and then we did yoga, ate chorizo and hung out. it was a special pday. i got to see hna shotwell and it was literally the best.
transfers this week...hna valencia and i stay together!!! woohoo! i love this area seriously and i love my compy. my little peruvian <3
okay funny.....this week we ran out of money becuase of al the traveling we had to do so we didnt have money to buy a ton of food. well on thursday we were craving oreos...like crazyyyyyy and we had 50 pesos (we thought) on our card. well we went to carrefour a spuermarket like walmart. we went and grabbed a bag of oreos, our mouths salivating for the prospect of the oreos. whe the chica ran our card, it said insufficient funds...we had her try two more times but the same thing happened. we were so confused because we knw we had 50! well we went back into the store and bought a less expensive thing of oreos....the same thing happened! so without our oreos we left carrefour. the next day we were in the house of the martin family and we told them what happened. one of the sons left and came bach with two bags of oreos for the two of us! and she gave us milanesa for dinner. i almost cried becuase of the love the members have for us in order to go and buy two chicas oreos! theyre the best.
spiritual. this week the song wide enough by david osmond has been stuck in my head. on of the things he says is "is there room enough in his love for me" in 3 nephi 9:14, christ says that is arms of mercy are extnded to everyone who comes to him. so yes there is plenty of room in his for every one of us as long as we come back to him. and like the father of the prodigal son, when he sees us coming, he will run to us and meet us to give us a big hug and kiss. i cant wait for the day when i can hug my heavenly father when i come back to him. i hope we all can remember this and never feel like we cant make it back to him. we can. he loves us and is waiting for us to come back to him. his arms are extended and ready to recieve us. :)
i love you all soooo much. have a great week!
love hermana sanders

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