Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"inchar las pelotas" (August 24, 2015)

Ready for the rain
what a week. in terms of people, the flia baigorria said they needed a few weeks to do a lot of work they had and theyd call us when we could pass by again. we couldnt find claudia in her house or the flia oviedo. we dropped mery and a few others that werent progressing...so as of right now we dont have anyone haha just a few contacts were going to pass by. 
less actives..we taught laura and she said she knew she needed to separate with her boyfriend but this sunday she didnt come. so were going to have to see what happened.
everyone else just kinda was there idk. but hey! theres going to be weeks like this. it just means god is preparing other people to receive the restores gospel :) segimos  adelante!  
 this wedenesday we taught seminary. the teacher called us tuesday night and said she needed us to teach it haha so we did. later that day we were taking a bathroom break in the church when a lady walked in. shes from tucuman and asked if we could help her. shes a member who was here for medical stuff and wanted to get in contact with the members here! so we helped her. after that, my compy got really sick with a cold and we had to stay inside the whole day and the next day and the next. so that was our week! 
i started   to read the new testament! ive read the three gospels already so i started in acts. it made me remember that one show on tv about the apostles that we watched every once in a while, its called AD or something like that. :)
a member wanted us to come eat dinner in their house so we got permission for that this week. the members here are literally the best. everyday im so thankful for them!
okay so something funny!

hna valencia's bike has been broken for a few weeks so a member offered to fix it! well on our way to pic up her bike we needed to take mine too, well we didnt want to walk and carry a bike so we both rode it! valencia sat in the front and i pedaled! it was pretty funna!
this week i studied a ton! but i really wanted to focus on understanding more of grace. i read the talk "the gift of grace" by dieter f uchtdorf. he says at one part "salvation cannot be bought with the currency of obedience, it is purchased by the blood of the son of God." while it is essential that we obey and serve god, in the end it is not enough to overcome the demands of justice.we must obey but in the end the atonement is what saves us. may we always have the desire to change and become better. that we allow His grace to carry us over the barriers we cannot overcome. and that we are always active in our own continual conversion. (acts15:11)
i love you all. 
oh! the subject line is what a man told us when we contacted his house. it was 8 at night and everything fell through. this phrase means, "why would you come to annoy all the people at this time"...its not very nice hahaha
and with all of that i love you all and take care this week! 

with an abuelita who made her a scarf.
Eating burritos. Surprised to see tortillas! 
Walking to a member's home

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