Tuesday, August 18, 2015

"no es todo de color rosa" (August 17, 2015)

hi fam and friends! 
i hope you all had a great week!
in argentina its been good! a lttle crazy! this week literally flew by! i couldnt belive it! i feel like it should be thursday from last week! haha anyways!
in terms of inv. 
flia baigorria-
this week we stopped by and found out they arent married #tears. but wow we had a great lesson about baptism and we talked about the requirements. we told them they needed to get married and they said they would seriously consider it...so here we are going to have a wedding!!! woohoo!! well hopefully haha they didnt show up to church this week and there really wasnt any reason why they couldnt...so we´ll see what the deal is. 
we had to drop her because she has no desire to come to church or change religion
and thats about it! haha
less actives.
we visited some less actives this week and wow what miracle. 
theres a less active named laura. shes 30 with 2 daughters, 15, and 10. the daughters come to church regularly with their grandparents (our ward mission leader) but laura is juntada (living with) her boyfriend who is 19 years old and has the most profound unibrow ive ever seen. haha anyways we passed by and finally found her in her house alone. we had a wonderful lesson about the atonement. she wants to separate from this boy and come back so she can be sealed to her parents and be an example to her kids. she has a firm testimony just has  had a hard time these past few years. well we have been praying alot for her and she come to church this sunday! she is so special and has such a grand potential. please pray for her!
other than that its just been the normal mission life. the stls (sister trainer leaders) came this week and that was fun! in the night hna valencia and i planned pranks to get back at them for what they did to us when we did divisions the last time (the little cups outside our door). so in the morning, hna valencia put dish soap on the toilet seat and cut the lights so when the hnas went to the bathroom they sat in soap! hahaha it was so stupid but funny.
okay more funny things that happened this week. we were walking and a guy on a moto drove by super slow and said in english "i love you baby...youre so hot" the only reason thats funny is because he said it in english haha. also we ate really bad this week. we bought hamburgers, and ice cream and so as a consequence, we decided to eat only healthy this week and if we have desires to eat sweets or burgers, and buy a candy or something, we have to give the other person the same amount of money that we had to pay...so its like were paying twice. i think this will work hahaha anyways! 
oh fun story..while we were making calls this week one of the members asked who was talking on the phone, if it was the yankee of peruvian, and i said it was me and she said said congrats! you speak like a latina! being with a latina really helps.
today i studied grace. i read in 1 peter 5:5 that as we are humble, we allow Gods grace to come into our lives. humility and grace are related in the aspect that we can only receive help from God when we are humble. as we do this he will perfect us and help us be better everyday. ill continue to study grace but those are just a few thoughts for today. always trust in god. he will take care of us and will help us return to him. even the most righteous person in the world cant return to God without grace. after all that we can do, grace takes over. i love you all and i hope you all have a wonderful week!
hna sanders
(no pics today, I'm at the cyber that doesn't allow me to send pics)A

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