Tuesday, August 4, 2015

"I can't carry the ring for you, but I can carry you" (August 3, 2015)

Making the Pancake Batter
a slight return to my lotr (Lord of the Ring) references. so ill explain this one right now. this morning it was super hard to get up because we went to seminary to help the teacher and make pancakes. we woke up at 500 and left by 530. when the alarm went off, hna valencia didnt get up...i tried waking her up but she wouldnt. so i lifted her up and said "i cant carry it for you, but i can carry you!" then i dropped her and she woke up hahaha
Seminary Class
okay so this week. super good! except on thursday night it rained....but when i say rain i mean we couldnt sleep becuase in argentina when it raines it pours, screams, thunders, all types of sounds. we couldnt sleep the whole night because of the thuinder and lightening. i had clothes drying so i had to go outside and get them because the wind was crazsy and they wouldve flown away. haha so the next morning was death.
in terms of people,
Playing "Dress Up"
gisela- we went to teach her and her boyfriend that lives with her is an atheist, we taught them both but it was pretty hard. the oviedos have been busy all week but we have a new family
flia bigoria. theyre references from the members. super good and we taught them the plan of salvation. i think theyll progress :) 
we felt inspired to go into the house of a member to use the bathroom haha and when we went, she had a friend over and her daughter. turns out they are less actives that arent even on the ward list but theyre neighbors. her name in angela and her daughter is guadelupe. she is 11. not baptized. well we started to talk to her and come to find out shes going through a really hard time right now, her other daughter (16) is living with her bf (boyfriend) (21) and is using drugs and isnt living a good life. we testified of the power of the atonement and that if she returned to the church she would be able to help her daughter. well angela didnt have any desires to come back so we asked some more questions. randomly i asked do you believe in the Book of Mormon and that its scripture? she said no....so now we know what her doubt is. we said if the book of mormon isnt true it means the church isnt true. basically. the BOM is the cornerstone of our religion. it is the evidence of the restoration. so now we have an appt to go and drop cain on the book of mormon. we feel she has potential and also her daughter wants to be baptized! so we will see what happens.
all in all it was a good week
less active with her dog floppy :)
funny:sunday night we dressed up in sheets and scarves and made a music video to the song what manner of man is this. the song dad hates because its really creep and is "jesus rock" so we continue to be are fun crazy selves.we also made pancakes for seminary so thats fun!
spiritual. im reading in 3 nephi and these verses struck me, 3 ne 13:21, 24
at first christ is teaching us that where we put our treasures is where we put our hearts. so lets put our treasures in heaven so our hearts are focused on heaven. also the second verse is great because it says we can only serve one master. god, or the things of the world. so this week i hope we can all focus on who we are going to serve and where we want our hearts to be. 
love you all !!!!!
hermana sande5rs
just a nice selfie 
with shotwell
last pic with old district
transfers, the chilena left and now
we have another peruvian :)

2 weeks ago lol and we made brownies for the family
we are helping teach to prepare to teach less actives y coso

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