Tuesday, August 11, 2015

"rain...storm...rainstormsssss" (August 10, 2015)

Jessica and Hna. Valencia prepared for the rain.
Thanks for the coat Monica, Jessica says it's perfect, and keeps her warm and dry!)

A failed attempt to make tortas fritas
rain rain rain. that is this week haha so yeah uhm until next week! haha just kiddingso update on the peeps of one eyed man (venado tuerto)

flia baigorria
THEY ACCEPTED A BAPTISMAL DATE. yay! so we had an amazing lesson with them on wednesday of the restoration. they have many family problems but they are willing to put these things aside to find the truth. theyve assisted so many churches and told us okay, yours is the last church were going to try. we know that they will feel the spirit. so they were so pumped to come to church right? Saturday night and Sunday morning it rained like noooo other oh my gosh it was loco. and they didnt make it to church but we will be able to pass by this week.
shes an old investigator and were trying to work with her. she said shed come to church and we got her a ride and everything but with the rain, the car wasnt able to make it to her house so she wasnt able to go.
a miracle! shes a friend of members and we came to the members house to use the bathroom, she was there so we stayed a little, she is also an old inv but was very hard hearted then. we taught her more and went to her house two days later to teach her. the member was with us and we watched the restoration. she felt the spirit and also was super excited to come to church. the member was going to give her a ride but the rain. she also lives in an area without paved streets so it was impossible to get her. she didnt make it.
so all in all we had an amazing week! yet in perfect argentine weather fashion, the rains came down and the floods came up and no one came to church.
but its all good. :)
funny: one day it was raiing quite as much and we were with the bikes. a little puppy from the street kept following us so we put it in the basket of the bike and rode around with a puppy for an hour, an inv took her in and named her lola :) On Staurday we went to have lunch but the member said its our turn to cook, hna valencia hurt her foot so i cooked with help of one of the members friends who is from a different branch! we made milanesa napolitana with rice! it was so gooooood. also fun thing, haydee, the inv, told me i sound like an argentine when i speak and she was very surprised to hear im from good ole cali! yay! #goals

spiritual: i read mosiah 3:17 this week. i love this scripture because it is so simple, and straightforward. the only way we can receive salvation is through christ. he is the only way. also i was thinking alot about the spirit. and how important it is that we have it so we canbe guided everyday of our lives. we should do everything we can do to have it with us always.

also one last thought to end the email. God created man to be happy. naturally we should be happy people. sometimes the affects of life get us down. sometimes we fall short and make mistakes but we shouldnt let this turn us into sad people. God knows our potential. he knows what kind of persons he wants us to be, or needs us to and expects us to be. all we need to do is trust in his love. follow the example of christ, and do all we can do to be who he needs us to be. love you all so much!


hermana sanders

Jessica with bag on face to cover a blemish
Hna. Valencia wrote on the window
while brushing her teeth

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