Monday, November 9, 2015

"Falling Avocados" (November 9, 2015)

The Heavenly Avocado
so let me explain the title really quick:) on saturday morning we were walking tranquilas in the morning. it was already pretty hot and it was only 10 am. so were walking on the avenida when out of nowhere we hear a "thud" we look around and see a HUGE avocado that had just fallen. we look around and make sure no one is looking. we cross the street and pick it up, and end up walking around the whole morning with the huge avacado that fell from the sky! come to find out that avacados actually grow on trees and ramallo is filled with avacado trees! yayyyy!!! you think being from california id know that by now haha.
so this week! wow idk if ive walked so much in my mission before! we had like 3 days this week when no one was home, lunch got cancelled so we had to scramble to make food out of nothing haha and then just walk and walk for hours and hours! in the heat, with the dirt roads, the dust flying everywhere and sweating so much but you know what, its so worth it!! its so worth it because it is a little sacrifice, who needs air conditioning, cars, even  bikes, when the apostles, the pioneers, and Christ endured much worse for great causes. our cause is Christ and im down to suffer whatever i have to for him and his cause!! :) :)
so the people! estela is amazing and accepted a baptismal date! she told us she has chosen our church becuase she feels the happiest learning and reading! she never has read the bible and doesnt know the story of Christ so we get to teach her Christs ministry and all! isnt that great! i love teaching about Christs life and mortal ministry! not only do i love teaching it but i learn something new everytime myself! we also found a bunch of people here who havent known the story of Christ. they dont know what it means to need salvacion, to sacrifice, so its been a wonderful experience to be able to teach these things! 

Sheep w/ a tire necklace
other than estela we met with another family weve been teaching. they are silvia and miguel and their 9 year old daughter shayla. they arent married and are pretty humble. but super funny and great! we had a wonderful lesson about going to church. and this sunday they came to church! here we have sacrament meeting at the end. so they came at 9...none of the members came up to greet them. or say the third hour they felt so awkward they left! it was heartbreaking to see this! please dont ever do that! when people are coming to church we need to be so welcoming and love them! i was super sad about that, so we will go back and see what we can do for them.
The Argentine Sky
so that was pretty much the week! thank goodness that we have a new week to do better and learn more!
so my pictures, the argentine sky, a sheep with a tire necklaces #argentina, and the heavenly avacado! haha
im just gonna leave a nice quote for the thought this week.
"real personal sacrifice never was placing an animal on the altar. instead, it is a willingness to put the animal IN US upon the altar and letting it be consumed."-elder bruce c. hafen
remember that sacrifice is never easy. its not supposed to be but when we do it right we change and become better. with all the changes happening in the world we will be asked to sacrifice many things but the biggest and most important sacrifice we can make is ourselves. give ourselves to the lord. follow his commandments, listen and trust in the prophet and his apostles, and do what is asked of us to do. let go of pride and be humble! hope you all have a great week! love you all!!!
hna sanders

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