Monday, November 23, 2015

"the dark kinigth rises" (November 23, 2015)

as we were on the bus to come to the ciber, we saw a kid wearing a shirt that said "the dark kinigth rises" nice try argentina ❤
so this week was full of traveling, and more traveling! but it was good. all in all i was in the bus for more than 15 hours....and you can imagine being on a bus that long with crazy argentine busses was quite the adventure. but it was a great week in that even thouhg we didnt have all that time to work in our area, we reached almost all of our goals! on saturday it was pretty hot and we were sooo tired but we kept on going. it was such a great feeling knowing how physically hard my comp and i are working. we stumbled into the apartment that night deaaad tired but so happy and smiling becasue we knew god was happy we pushed ourselves. 

thanks for everyone who fasted for me this week. i definitely felt the strength and health i received thanks to your prayers and your faith! God just loves it when we exercise our faith and one thing ive learned from this experience in terms of my health is patience, and the power of faith in healing. so thanks again. i feel your prayers!!! and prayers work and have tangible power!

divisiones with Hna. Valencia
in terms of the people here in good ol' ramallo pueblo.
estela's son got sick so we werent able to visit her.
monica wasnt home this week but we passed by and ran into her ex husband who was watching the kids, turns out he is less active!! so we chatted with him for a while. he lives in a different pueblo so we cant go by and visit him. but its okay he gave us the willies anyways. haha

silvia and miguel!!!!! goodness this family is incredible. they are the flia that came to church but the members didnt welcome them....well! on wednesday we had divisiones! hna valencia (one of my old companions!!!) came with me!! it was such a blast! but we went to them and had an amazing lesson about listening to the spirit! and on saturday we passed by and asked if they felt this was the right church what should they do..they said without hesitation "get baptized" 😂 eep. well they CAME TO CHURCH AND STAYED FOR SACRAMENT! this time we made sure they were accompanied by members. so idk if i mentioned this about them before but when i first met them, they were super sad and quiet. still great but timid. miguel looked very dark. hes had one of the hardest lives ive heard of and silvia is very tall, skinny, she had tons of wrinkles from smoking and just very weathered...well since weve been teaching them, miguel looks almost white!!!! and silvia barely has wrinkles! i wish i took a before and after pic but the change in them is physical as well as spiritual! we were over and the daughter shayla whos nine asked if we could read the book of mormon together so we did after they commited to baptism!!!! there is still a lot of work to do but they are amazing. 

Purple Trees
so also we have made a new goal to "andar haciendo bienes" in english i think its, go about doing good! basically look for every oppurtunity to give service!on saturday morning we saw an old man weeding his front sidewalk. we just knelt down and started to help him! then his neighbor saw and jokingly said "why dont you do mine too" so we did! and it was so fun! tons of people were walking by and saying "que hacen estas chicas en bolleras??" haha like what are these girls doing in skirts! 

so for the spiritual thought!

im reading and studying doctrine and covenants in seccion 103 now! i suggest everyone reads that section and ponderize verses 9-10. we (the members of the church) are meant to be saviors of men! that means be an instrument in the lords hands to bring others to salvation! so i invite you to think and have a personal inventory. are we doing things everyday to help others come unto christ? when we are baptized that is part of the promise we make with god. even if we do a random act of service, in some way or other it is bringing someone closer to christ. well i know there is alot more i can do and im excited to start doing it! 

also this is a wonderful scripture. prayer works, and heals. love you all!!!

D&C 103:36 All victory and glory ibrought to pass unto you through your diligencefaithfulness, and prayers of faith.

hna sanders
eating last of the Peanut Butter from home
also we had a spa night on sunday because it was more elections and we couldnt leave so i shape hna nelsons eyebrows, helped her to do make up and we did facials. ally would be proud!!


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