Tuesday, November 3, 2015

"The Fellowship" (November 2, 2015)

wow what a week!
so first ill write about the twins...we have to stop teaching them because they are super awkward with us and not progressing anymore. we thought that after they came to church they would be fine but its just gotten progressively awkward so thats that.
estela!! we went to teach her again and her husband was there! so we taught them as a couple it was mainly just getting to know them but in the end we taught about prayer, he said wow if anyone had taught me that earlier we probably would have done that already! haha so that was pretty cool! other thn that we have just visiting more people, eating birthday cake, and explaining to the members over and over again that i cant eat certain foods for me health! hahaha
this week our mission president gave us an extra half hour everyday to read the book of mormon and study it! how great is that?
so fun fact, in argentina they dont really celebrate halloween right..? well this year we saw some trick or treaters, the tradition is spreading here little by little!
with hna nelson we are quoting lord of the rings at least 3 times a day if not more its wonderful so time for me to explain the title!
i was reading a quote that one of my friends sent me to hear. its by henry b eyring. at one point he says "i am fellowship of the unashamed" so hna nelson read that part aloud and right after she said that i replied "well i am part of the fellowship of the ring" :) so thats thats. haha
so for my spiritual thought, with all this reading of the book of mormon i just thought it would be a great idea if everyone could make it a goal to read the book of mormon for a half hour everyday. if thats all you do youll be so blessed! the book is powerful, being that it is the most correct book on earth and the book that will bring one more closer to christ than any other book. when we read it everyday we will have the ability to resist temptaion, feel God's love and be more grateful and thus more happy in every circumstance! its true! and i hope we all can do this everyday! even if is just reading a few verses and pondering them for a half hour that counts! haha just do it and you will see specific blessing that come from it. well love you all! have an amazing week!!! 
hna sanders

Healthy Dinner, Cabbage and Carrots
Dinner with Hermana Nelson
Cooking with Hermana Nelson
In the apartment with Hermana Nelson

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