Monday, November 23, 2015

"Jess & Tess" (November 16, 2015)

The District
so first, what a crazy and weird week! it was great and also pretty boring. i got sick again....but the days we were able to go out were great!!
so estella had to cancel all the appointments we had! we would reschedule then either i was sick or she couldnt. she also couldnt come to church but we will see whats going on there. the hard thing is when alot of time passes in between appointments with inv. when that happens it is very easy for them to turn away and stop progressing. the adversary works with them. so thats why it is important to have as much contact with the inv. as possible!
so thats the update with estela. but i want to tell you all about monica! she is a single mom of 4 young kids. evangelista. last week we visited her and her house was in complete disorder! it smelt and she was a complete mess. she told us she wasnt eating because she had no desire and she was going insane with everything that was going on in her life. so we invite her to read the book of mormon and we promise her that as she does she will receive strength from the lord. that she was a valiant lady and god would bless her as she follows the commandments! well a week passes and yesturday night we stopped by! her house smelt wonderful, everything was clean, she was calm..COMPLETELY CHANGED. it was so incredible! we ask her if she had read and she said she had everyday!!!! and that she knew that was why she felt peace! THAT IS A DIRECT BLESSING THAT SHE EXPERIENCED.  honestly that is an undeniable experience of the literal power of the book of mormon! well by the end of our visit she accepted a baptism date and invited us over for ASADO. so thats wonderful!!
we lost weight and traded pants
other than that it was a pretty decent week! so to explain the title!
we were walking one morning (it was already super hot) we were talking about our future lives when hna nelson and i are a famous duo of singing and me on the uke and her on the mandolin, our name with be jess & tess. we came up with a list of songs we will sing. among them are boogie wonderland, mary did you know, and dont worry be happy! :)
so fun/creepy story....we were traveling to district meeting. when we got off the bus, the bus driver asked us where we were from, being friendly we told them, the USA. then he said, are all the girls as cute as you??....well i awkwardly said no...then i corrected myself saying well actually idk. and i got off that bus quickly...well we return to the busses after district meeting. ITS THE SAME BUS DRIVER DANG IT! well i was paying for the trip and he was handing me the change and as he did he grabbed my hand and squeezed it!! liufci4utlskjehtisau it was one of the most awkward moments..and after that we had the hour drive back to our area. aaahhhhhhh. so moral of the story is as a sister misisonary in argentina you have to dress super frumpy and ignore all the guys. merpp
lunch (baked chicken, zuccini, potatoes
with oregano) look I'm learning!
okay and for the spiritual thought!
alma 37:35.
im pretty sure its a scripture mastery. but the first part of the scripture alma is telling his son helaman to learn to be wise while in his youth..the second part tells him how...follow the commandments. as a youth, following the commandments of God will benefit us more than any other thing. as we gain experience in life we will know why we have commandments. as we study and gain experience and are faithful in keeping the commandments we will be made into the modern army of helaman that god NEEDS us to be. so, study is important, gaining experience is important, and following the commandments are all so important in order to gain wisdom. after all, the kingdom of God is inherited by the wise and faithful. 

have a wonderful week fam and friends!! love you all so much! 
hna sanders

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